Breach by K.I. Lynn

Sunday, October 27, 2013
Breach (Breach, #1)

5 Stars!!!


I can't believe I almost didn't read this book! It was in my reading list but it didn't really stand out for me until I started reading everyone else's reviews and I am so glad I did!


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Delilah is a woman going through the motions. She wakes up everyday and puts on a mask for everyone around her. Her life is seemingly normal to everyone around until Nathan walks into her office and breaks through the walls she's built around herself. He sees right through the mask and exposes the lie that she is living.

Their relationship is at first one of disdain. Delilah sees a man who is a player and used to getting everything he wants, and Nathan sees a woman who tempts him and is a threat to the protective shell he's built around himself. Nathan isn't as clean cut as he seems, he has dark secrets and every now and again they break through the surface and Delilah sees the real Nathan.

Nathan and Delilah embark on a scorching love affair. Their relationship is hot, intense, obsessive and even violent at times. Nathan and Delilah are two tortured souls who have trouble expressing their emotions but when they are together the walls and masks fall away, making love is the one way they can show how they really feel about each other. Especially for Nathan who at times completely shuts down.

I grabbed his cock and squeezed it. 
" think you wield it with this?
It's what makes you feel alive?"
"That's not power sustained. But this," I pointed to my heart, "this doesn't end, doesn't run out."

They're both scarred on this inside and out, but as they discover each others secrets through their relationship, they begin to heal each other which isn't an easy process but necessary.

We were no longer condemned to walk alone like the undead

So now I'll stop blabbering and just tell you to read this book because it was sooo good it had me waxing poetic!!!

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