Damaged and the Beast by Bijou Hunter

Sunday, October 27, 2013

4 Stars!



So where do I start...
Boy did I enjoy reading this book! It never slowed down, I was kept on my toes till I finished reading! Cooper, others may say he's an asshole but I loved him, he was all rugged, tattooed and buff! What not to love!

Farah has lived with her dad and younger sister her whole life, they've moved around a lot because their dad is gambler/con-artist. When her grandmother offers her the chance to go to college she doesn't think twice and takes it. But there's one condition she has to move in with her mother who lives in another town.

Farah and her mother Amy's relationship is strained almost hostile in the beginning with most of the bad vibes coming from her mother. I didn't really get why Farah hated her mother so much in the beginning which was frustrating.

Anyway so Farah meets Cooper on her first day off college and is instantly drawn to him but decides to stay away because he's rough looks and demeanor scare her. So I'm thinking are you blind!. But no she isn't, It's not clear what happened to Farah at this point all I new was she was scared of tattooed, muscled men on bikes???

But Cooper pursues her relentlessly and she finally caves. Cooper was badass and he didn't take any crap from anyone. His family is both respected and feared in the town they live in, which is part of the reason Farah doesn't want anything to do with him.

Okay this book was funny, frustrating and really hot but I had a few problems with it. Firstly Farah shies away from sex which was understandable but I hated the fact that she called it sex! She would say stuff like "I wonder if he wants sex" or "Should I ask for sex" and "We had sex against the kitchen cupboard" WTF! You love this guy and you called it sex! I wish the author had used the word make love, screw or fuck! Sex is so clinical!

And then the food, I have never read about characters eating so much in a book. They were snacking on barbecue salad and pasta salad and then an hour later they were eating steaks! Sheesh! And then the author would randomly include food in a conversation.
"Why do you look sad? Cooper asked, sitting across from me with a chicken leg in his hand"

And then there was Bailey Cooper's sister and Skye her "bff". They were so shallow I couldn't believe it! They gave the worst advice and Farah just ate it up! I could've smacked her!

I gave this book a 4 star rating because I was laughing, rolling my eyes and sighing in relief and frustration. I was hooked, couldn't put it down and for me that means it was good not perfect but definitely worth the time and money.

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