Wanderlust by Skye Warren

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Not all those who wonder are lost..."

This book started off really well, I could feel how frustrated and suffocated Evie was in the life she and her mother were living. So when she left I was like YES!!! Until Hunter entered the scene... wait I'm lying. When Evie first saw him she was scared, I wasn't, I was smitten.

"His tan T-shirt hung loose while jean hugged long legs. He was large, strong-and otherwise unremarkable." Yep that had me going... Until he opened his mouth! Hunter was sinister, cold, calculating and seriously effed up! He scared Evie, he scared me and he scared anyone else around.

I was so sure I was gonna give this book a low rating. But then I realized I'd assumed a lot about Hunter. Seriously I felt like I was Evie! She'd assumed he was this seasoned, roughed up man of the world. But she didn't take the time to think of what had shaped him into the man he was.

Gawd the stuff this guy went through would break any sane man! But he got up and carried on living and survived the only way he could. He's past didn't justify he's actions but it did explain them.

"What the fuck do I care if I go back? I can't keep you either way, so what do I care where I am when I'm alone?"

This guy was tortured and broken but he'd put himself together again, although he wasn't the same man he used to be.

And poor Evie, poor confused and naive Evie. She'd been living most of her young life in this cocoon and then was basically thrown into a harsh and ugly world. Some of Evie's decisions where questionable but considering where she came from I didn't blame her. Add the fact that she had the worst luck when it came to the people she met along her journey.

About halfway through the book I started realizing that she and Hunter were good for each other. Had she and Hunter not met one another, they would have missed something important. Healing, seriously they both needed to go through all of the crap that they did TOGETHER.

"Forgive yourself> It's the only way we can be together."

This was seriously not my usual romance? It was definitely dark. But I got my unconventional happy ending, with my very unconventional hero and heroine.

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