Sunday, June 30, 2013


This book was amazing!!!
I don't know anymore who are the bad guys Luxen or Arum..

In my mind from the Lux series I thought Arum are the bad guys in the story!I never thought I'll like them and fall in love with one of them!
Hunter is the baddest and hottest bad boy.!!
He is not your typical hero...he's an ARUM one of the 'bad guys' and he has a big ego and also he is such an arrogant!!
But as you read the book, you can't help but fell in love with him..There is so much more to him.. 

"You're more than a weapon, Hunter. So much more."

Serena is another feisty character.I love that she never back down from Hunter's insults and words.She fights with him all the time and I honestly enjoyed every minute of it :D

I liked seeing how the Arum see the world.They are not all bad just as the Luxen are not all good.I always enjoy Jennifer Armentrout's writing style and character development.I loved getting both Serena and Hunter's Points of Views!!Jennifer made me love an Arum!!There was sarcastic humor and romantic suspense.I hope she adds more books to this series.Hunter has a couple of brothers that I would love to read more about!!!

Hunter and Serena


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