Killing sarai

Friday, June 28, 2013


                                       Beautiful but defeated and damaged.

                          Can he be her savior?

Sarai is a 23 year old girl.She's been held as a captive for 9 years.She cant stand witnessing the rapping and the abusing anymore.She has to escape.Yet her only opportunity for a ticket to freedom is an American.He is a cold blooded murderer but given the circumstances she cant be picky so she sneaks into his car threatening him and she is praying that her plan has worked.However back in the compound she left behind her best friend , Lydia , an angry slut,Izel, and a furious -let's say- boyfriend , Javier.He is brutal and dangerous but he never treated her like the rest of the girls. Sarai always had more civil in comparison to the other captives. Maybe it was because of her beauty or maybe because she wasn’t really abducted.

FYI Sarai is not the innocent girl you might give her credit for.She can be dangerous when her life is being threatened but she doesn’t have the intention to her anyone.

Victor  has a strange and cold personality but he is her only protection.I liked him a lot not because of his blue-green eyes(yeah maybe that too) but because he is smart and very cautious. I would love to know why he is helping her in first place.In that way he is risking everything and he betrays everyone. Nevertheless he is genius and his plans always work.

Well now that we all now how Sarai grew up,it has only left to wonder how she will fit into the society again.She is not normal and she will never be.She is a person that can manipulate the others and I have to tell that she is a perfect actress.

This is a story of



and betrayal.

Part of me was so relived with the ending.I thought that everything was over but unfortunately nothing is over yet.

I loved this book a lot.Their relationship is not your typical love story.It wasn’t even clear if it was love or not.I have to admit that the author's writing style is absolutely amazing.Everything is so detailed and beautiful written.Nothing that you can predict will happen. This is a book that I'd definitely recommend , not only to those who love captive stories but to everyone.

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