Blind Obsession

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blind Obsession

AMAZING!!!!!!This story is haunting and heartbreaking but yet very erotic and I was sucked in!!

Blind Obsession was unlike anything I have ever read!!!!
It was truly one of a kind. I find myself wanting to write out everything that happened, in every excruciating detail,just so I can make my point. You need to experience this book and I mean that in every sense of the word...

I really don't know how to start describing this book, apart from saying that you have to just read it to understand and appreciate it...
Gemma Harris is a journalist from the US, taking a trip around the world to France to interview a man that was once a well known and respected artist, but now spends his days secluded in his chatuea, away from the world. Phillipe Tibideau.
The point of this interview is to finally allow Phillipe to tell his side of the story. Explain to the world he isn't the monster they all paint him to be, instead he is a broken man living with grief and a crushing, all consuming guilt.

Phillipe is dark, mysterious, sexy, guarded, destroyed, and overpowering. He is at times controlled and other times out of control. But in the journal entries we see how he was with Chantel.He used to be loving, sweet, protective, obsessed, and vulnerable. 

Life begins to imitate art as Gemma experiences what Chantel did. It is extremely sensual, addicting, passionate, and frustrating for her.
They both have feelings of doubt,guilt,lust and insecurity that affect them.And all along the mystery is still unknown and unfolding at a slow controlled pace. This book was incredibly sexy, intoxicating, raw, and passionate.
At times, they are desperate and frantic and at other times, they are cool and detached. 

And what can I say about the sex scenes!!!!!!For me the sex scenes was amazing!!!There is passion!!!

The ending is not your typical ending. It's not the HEA one might hope for. But for me, any other ending would have been a tragedy itself. For me, this was the perfect ending to the story of Phillipe,Chantel and Gemma. ..

My Phillipe and Gemma

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