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Saturday, January 09, 2016
                                                          Sometimes a real hero lets you save yourself . . .
Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller couldn’t be more different. She’s country club and fine-dining, he’s cell-block and sawdust. Sayer spends her days in litigation while Zeb spends his working with his hands.
But none of that has stopped Zeb from wanting the stunning blonde since the moment he laid eyes on her—even if the reserved lawyer seems determinedly oblivious to his interest.
Sayer is certain the rough, hard, hot-as-hell Zeb could never want someone as closed off and restrained as she is, which is a shame because something tells her he might be the guy to finally melt her icy exterior. When he shows up at Sayer’s door needing her professional help, she’s both disappointed and relieved that she won’t get the chance to find out just how good he could be.
But as they team up to right a wrong and save a family, the steam created when fire and ice collide cannot be ignored.



"In that split second that I laid my eyes on her I wanted to be the reason she stayed."

Such an enjoyable story!I loved reading it and especially I'm so glad about Zeb!Because he is the reason I loved this book!This guy...*sigh* he was everything!I have read only two books from this author and like the previous book the male character is the reason I loved the story!I had the opportunity to read it and in the same time to listen it and this make me feel more connected!


"I wanted to leave steaks of dirt on her perfect face to mark the fact that I had touched her, that she had let me touch her."

I don't want to give away too much about the story but guys you should definitely need to check this book because Zeb is something else!!!He is going to make you all fall in love with him like he did with me!

" It felt like he was trying to make it so that I would never be able to kiss anyone else in my life without having to compare it to this moment,to the feel of his hard mouth contrasting with the soft scrape of his beard against my skin.

Zeb is amazing!!He is responsible and he cares for everyone.And apart from this he is super hot!!I'm not sure yet how much I like Sayer, she starts being very cold but then she is starting open up and you see who she really is.But still she was simply ok for me.I didn't love her but I didn't hate her ether. There is a lot of hot moments to make you swoon!Because these two when they are together they are super hot!I loved how their relationship slowly developed!

Overall it was a lovely,hot,cute and funny story!I recommend it to everyone!

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