Arc Review Isadora by Ella Frank

Friday, January 08, 2016

Isadora Nikitas understands what it means to be betrayed. That lesson was taught to her in the prime of her life, and when she is offered a chance to exact revenge, she finds it difficult to refuse.
Instead, she entrusts her survival to a mysterious vampire known only as Diomêdês, a male who wants nothing in return but to watch over her—in every way imaginable.

Gifted with speed, strength, and immortality, she determines that her life will no longer be governed by the needs and wants of a mere man. She has cowered for the last time, and with her Ancient by her side, she thrives and blossoms into the most formidable female vampire in existence.

But, once upon a time, like all little girls, Isadora believed in love. She believed it because she once had it. So, when it comes along a second time, she knows that it’s possible—but when you love someone, they become your weakness. Unless, in fact, they become your enemy instead…


Fulfilling your life’s prophecy should be empowering. At least, that’s what Elias Fontana always believed. But, as he stands guard over the beautiful vampire he’s taken hostage, his convictions start to crumble. Made to believe by his creators that he and two others have been designed to destroy a dangerous race, he has difficulty connecting his current reality to the woman he once loved.


When friends become enemies and enemies become lovers, who can you trust in the webs of lies and despair? And, when your life is at stake and blood has been shed, how much are you willing to sacrifice to fulfill your destiny



Ms. Ella frank you are truly a genius! You know that right??

This is such a brilliant story, I loved the plot and basically everything about this book!The
world that Ella created is so unique and you don't want to leave this world.Honestly I never been so excited about so many wonderful characters in one book before!But yes it happened! Isadora is a compelling, captivating and super-hot story.


Isadora is the perfect female heroine! Smart, sassy, tough and captivating. She knows what to do when it’s needed. I loved that I learn more about her and her past. The boys are hotter than ever in this book. Leo, Alasdair and Vasilios are one of the sexiest part in the book these three have stolen my heart! Elias is mysterious and oh so tough. Diomedes, omg I didn't know a lot about him but now I can say that I love him as well. He truly cares for Isadora. Thanos, my poor baby is angry but he finds a new friend.And soon we will learn more about him!!!

I'm not say anything else but guys you should definitely read this book!!I highly recommend it to anyone!!


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