Conflicted love by Lola Stark

Friday, January 03, 2014


OMG While I absolutely loved Scarlett and Mace I can say that I loved more Trip and Teeny!!This book had it all for me!It was sexy, romantic,funny but it has also drama.There are times I was really happy and other times that I was pissed or I want to cry!!Teeny and Trip are so imperfectly perfect for each other!I loved them!!The title is so perfect for this book!!It matches with the story!! Teeny and Trip made some mistakes but I loved that about them!This is what makes the book so real and so good!!

If you thought Mace was sexy wait until you meet Trip!He is so damn hot!!He is the ultimate bad boy with tattoo!!He doesn't sleep with the shame woman for more than one time!


Until the night who is drunk and have sex with Teeny.He doesn't know that his life will change after this night..Teeny is pregnant and everything changes!! 

What will happen??Is Trip ready to become dad??

You must read it to see ;))

I loved Teeny :)) She is so indepedent!!She had a rough life and doesn’t expect anything to be handed to her.She’s brave and bold and never afraid to let Trip know how it is.

  I loved how their relationship grow and turn into more!!As much as they argued and fought, I love them as a couple.They put all their issues aside in the end and focused on what's more important!

"For shit's sake Teeny I'm in fucking love with you."

"My problem is there because you're here.I can't see you and not get hard.Deal with it."
(This quote make me love Trip so much <333 )

  If you are looking for a wild ride  full of hotness,happiness and tension this is for you!!!

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