Tattered Love by Lola Stark

Monday, December 30, 2013


Wow.This book was really good!!!Not only did I love the story line but I adored Mace and Scarlett! They were likable and strong as well as all the secondary characters!!!

Tattered Love is Scarlett and Mace's story..
Scarlett is an adorable,confident, sassy tattoo artist/shop owner.

She hasn't been treated well by her previous relationships.. She has been lied to and cheated on.Mace (Trip's brother) is a troubled man who has been living tormented life...which he takes responsibility for everything even though none of it was his fault. He has experienced losses in his life and the pain is still very fresh..Whatever he touches goes bad and because of this he feels responsible for every bad thing that happens. 

When Mace walks into her tattoo shop, she's not thinking long-term, she fights her attraction to Mace not wanting to give in too much due to her past issues but Mace knows what he wants....

Mace mmmm He is all man but he knows how to show his feelings for Scar...and he is so hot!!Scar is so strong character!!I liked her and I liked her funny moments with her best friend  Teeny.
 The chemistry between Mace an Scarlett was hot and intense and the sex wow is smoking hot!!The dialogues between them is hilarious!!

"I'm gonna take you right here on this table, Scar, so every time you're sitting here working, all you'll be able to think about is coming apart on my mouth.Me fucking you hard.You screaming for me."
(OMG you can see how hot it is!! ;)))

If you want a book with hot tattooed male and a sassy heroine this is what you need!! 

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