Lover unbound

Monday, July 08, 2013

5 stars

“I love you. And I'm going to keep loving you even after you don't know I exist.”

Vishous is officially my favorite brother. I couldn’t choose between him and Z but after rereading his book I felt that he deserved the first place.
He was always distant from the other brothers but he actually developed a deep relationship with his buddy Butch.I liked what was happening between them and V's inner monologues made me hurt for him.

During the whole book we get to know him better.He had a fucked up childhood because he grew up with his father.Bloodletter was one of the most vicious warriors that had ever existed. In his campus things weren’t easy.Even V who was his son didn’t have special rights to do whatever he wanted to.He was treated with the same toil, wickedness and inhumanity as the others.His curse made things worse as his father attempted to fix him but he only broke him.His only solace was an imaginary mum who was comforting him and Darius's diary.

Now in the present his visions have dried up and a nightmare is torturing him every time he goes to sleep.Like these arent enough he learns the truth about his mother and why he was abandonned.His mum annoyes me big time.I know that she had to leave him but you arent allowed after 300 years to command your son's life.That's unacceptable.

V's life is put in danger by some lessers and Jane , a human doctor, is doing her best to save his life. However things didnt evolve like Jane wanted because V had other plans for them.

I love their relationship .Both of them have so many things in common and they are so smart .We get to meet an other side of V's character .He is actually sweet and caring.
I wanted to hug him.

I also loved Jane a lot. She faced his past as a she should. She didn’t show any pity and she tried to make him feel worthy of himself , as his self-esteem was pretty low.

The ending... I like it.It could have been way better but still I didn’t feel too disappointed since he got his HEA.It will always feel weird reading that she is a (view spoiler) but I am grateful that S.Virgin did her best this time .

“Love was worth sacrificing for, he thought as he left his room. Even if it wasn't yours.”

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  1. This is the best book of the best series!! Thank you for putting a review on it... hope since this post you have read the other books. I love how each of the stories escalate into better and better .... Thank you!!!!


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