Escape from paradise

Monday, July 08, 2013
2 stars
When I started reading this book, I knew exactly with what I was dealing. I had this wrong impression that after TDD I had the guts to read any dark and twisted story out there.So this book left me wondering; was it a bad story or it's me that I can’t read books like this one?Many of my friends enjoyed this book so I want to believe that it's me and not the book .It turned out to be an utter disappointment as I couldn’t connect with the heroine, which is bad , VERY BAD!

So here's the story.
Our MC , Angela decides to go on a trip at Mexico without her parents’ permission .In the beginning we see that she feels guilty but her sorority friends cheer up her mood. So far we read about 20 years old girls having fun in a new city.

Then Angela meets a good looking and friendly stranger who is obviously TOO good to be true. Well things didn’t turn out in her favor so they kidnap her. Unfortunately , now she is in the hands of a pervented man who is doing terrible things on her.
The story so far was good, I wasn’t thrilled but I liked it and then the downhill started.

I felt so bad for Angela , I swear I did but after a point I didnt even care BECAUSE she seemed that she had already given up. That's what annoyed the heck out of me. She didnt try to escape ,yeah yeah I know she couldn’t but at least make an effing effort.

I felt that she had accepted her life or maybe the life that was waiting her a couple of days after her abduction.
If survival without pain meant obeying , that's what I would do.

Hey dearest didnt your momma teach you that we should fight for our life? That we dont get what they serve us in that silver plate?
Well her dumbness knows NO BOUNDS.
Here's one of the stupidest moments.
(...)I began feeling sexy and I craved eyes on me.

Darling , did you forgot your place?You are supposed to be a captive there. People were treating you like you were an animal .And now you feel SEXY when your future rapists were setting their eyes on you?
Seriously ? I'm feeling disgusted.

Here's another good one.
But in real life there was nothing sexy about rape.
Like when we read in books about raping we turn on and think it's pleasant -_-

We also have this Colin (or Collin?) guy. He is obviously the savior.

I liked him in the beginning because he was supposed to be the one who would save her. Doesnt that make him a hero? Of course it does , but he is no different from the others .I knoooooow he was doing his job but it was sick as f*ck.

My last question.
Why her a$$ was so precious??

And her punishment was to get it f*cked ?And I felt bad for her because it was the only thing that wasn’t raped one her?

And then we read that she enjoyed it.

Let's skip all the other events and focus on the book's ending.

Ooooor maybe we shouldn't.

See here's the thing. He saved her but he doesn’t have to (view spoiler)It's so unrealistic, at least that's what I thought.I mean they were actually feeling things for each other? Sorry, I didn’t get that vibe :/

Two stars only because it wasn’t a DNF for me.It could have been worse but I'm glad I finished it even if I skip many pages.

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