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Tuesday, September 09, 2014


“You know what I like, Caitlin. You know I want you to beg for it.”


I’ve never been the kind of person to give up on something I want. Now, I refuse to take no for an answer. I want this girl. I want to help her, and sleep with her, and steal things with her, and make her laugh the way she did right that night in her friend's car. We’re going to have a summer neither of us will ever forget, and by the time we go our separate ways, she’ll have enough money to go to college, and I will have had her…every way I want her.


I’m starting to forget why it’s a bad idea to get in any deeper with a boy who is a walking, talking contradiction. A boy who has a taste for breaking the law, a wicked way with words, and a confident touch that leaves no doubt he’s way more experienced than I am. I’ve spent my life putting aside my own needs and cleaning up after other people’s mistakes. Now, I want to make a mistake of my own. 

I know I’m playing with fire, but for Gabe I'm willing to beg to be burned. 

THIS WICKED RUSH is an edgy, sexy, boundary-pushing read intended for readers over the age of seventeen. The book features graphic love scenes, violence, strong language, and thieves in love. Read at your own risk.

"A steamy, high-octane love story that will have you wondering how far you'd go if you stopped playing by the rules. And may even make you want to step over the lines.” –New York Times Bestselling Author, Lauren Blakely.


3.5 Stars!

I was only half alive before I met Gabe. I know that now. I was a shadow of my true self, going through the motions, spending my life responding instead of acting.

Think...Bonnie and Clyde, with a twist...and maybe some Shameless lol!

This Wicked Rush is the first book in the, Wild Rush series, but there is a prequel, One Wild Night, which is a freebie, it's best to read it before this one. So Gabe and Caitlin had one wild night together and Caitlin hasn't been able to forget about it. The money she got that night has removed the threat of the bank foreclosing on her family's home and for another year she can breath relatively easy. But every now and again she remembers the thrill of that night. The thrill of doing something dangerous and the thrill of Gabe's hand between her legs in her friends car...

Gabe hasn't forgotten about her either, that night he was looking for a thrill too and a summer fling, looks as if Caitlin is the girl for him.

Caitlin is going to agree to this job, and the next and the next. We're going to have a summer neither of us will ever forget, and do the world some good while we're at it.

Gabe is rich, he grew up with money and parents who gave him whatever his heart desired besides the obvious, love. Caitlin, is a twenty year old who should be out enjoying her life but instead she has to take care of her three younger brothers and her baby niece. Gabe is intent on helping Caitlin take care of her family, he's also intent on avenging all the people who have been wronged in their town an exacting vengeance on the people who've wronged them. Together, Caitlin and Gabe become a vigilante duo of sorts.

And while they take on more and more jobs, the thrill starts becoming dangerous even deadly. Caitlin becomes more than a fling to Gabe, and Caitlin stops being people pleaser. Her growing feelings for Gabe, make her realise what she's been missing. But then there's a secret, but I can't tell you what it is, but it left me feeling really feely and all over the place.

"Why?" I ask,y voice deeper, huskier. "Why do you want to help me?"

"Because I like you." He meets my gaze, a vulnerable look in his eyes that makes me think he's telling the truth.
"I think you're smart and kind and hard-working and the sort of persion who deserves better than the hand you've been dealt." His lips lift on one side in a lopsided smile. 
"And you've got a delicious naughty side, and I like stealing things with you."

A quick break down of why I have it 3.5 instead of 5 Stars
The story was way too short, lacked some character developement, some unanswered question and even though there is a book 3 they could have been answered in this book. In overall the book was good, kept me engaged so I'll definitely be reading the next one.

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