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Monday, September 08, 2014
Nobody knows happiness better than nineteen-year-old Felicity Eastwood. For years now, she’s been ‘gifted’ with the ability to collect and transfer happiness to anyone at will. Well, everyone except herself.
That is until Achilles - renowned criminal mastermind with a face painted like Death and enough charm to cause hormonal riots – crashes into Felicity’s world and makes her feel … something.

Determined not to let such a coveted superpower slip beyond his reach, Achilles kidnaps Felicity, hoping to use her ability to brave his own skeletons. Felicity is only a half-unwilling prisoner though, forgoing escape to learn more of the man behind the mask and pursue the inexplicable spark between them.

As the lines between hero and villain begin to blur, Felicity finds herself wondering if Achilles might be the key to her own happiness at long last. Is it possible to be so happy with someone so dangerous?

But Achilles isn’t the only villain in the town, and the pursuit of happiness can be a deadly hunt…

Equal Parts is a 78,000-word New Adult novel. It is recommended for readers 17+.


4.5 Stars!

He painted his face into some kind of terrifying skeleton, his eyes blackened completely, with no white whatsoever. Even though I knew they had to be some kind of contact lenses, they still held a permanent place in my nightmares. And yet, in the flesh he seemed a lot more human. That could have been because he was bleeding profusely, though.

Cute, funny and oddly dark. That's how I'd describe Equal Parts by Emma Winters. Going into this book, I knew to expect something different, a buddy of mine over here had already read it and after reading her stellar review I knew I had to have a go at it too. While it is a New Adult novel, Equal Parts lacked the intense smuttiness that I've become used to in most NA books. I'm not saying there wasn't any sexual tension and swoon worthy moments but that isn't what made the story.

The world Felicity/Flick lives in is much like our own, except that it is made up of mainly two different groups. The superheroes and the supervillains, Felicity is neither. She's a superneutral, she has the power to draw happiness from the people around her and then transfer it to those that need it the most.

I wasn't a superhero. I wasn't a supervillain, either. I was a superneutral. No bias, no taking sides. In the human world, I was Switzerland. No one provoked me, and I provoked no one in return. Just the way I liked it.

So while leaving the hospital she volunteers at one night, she happens to bump into none other than, Achilles, a supervillain. Out of all the supervillains in Carova, Achilles is the most dangerous and most feared. He's hurt and he demands that Felicity help him. Felicity has three options:
1. She helps him, and then he goes after her for her power.
2. She refuses and he kills her for it.
3. She makes a run for it, and hopes he dies before he can catch up to her.

She chooses to help him, and in turn he helps her. A shocking incident (view spoiler), has her helping him again. And her worst nightmare comes true, Achilles kidnaps her and tries to find out how her power works.

"You were intimidating!" I protested. "I've never had a thing for homicidal charmers before.
"But now you do?"
"Apparently," I muttered, knowing he could feel my racing heartbeat under his chest.
"Well, if it helps, I've never had a thing for beautiful, deceptively brave, innocent charmers before."

Of course, Felicity is only half unwilling. Both she and Achilles are hiding something. Felicity ran away from the pain of loss and Achilles became a villain because he wanted fame while keeping his real identity a secret. But Felicity being in his life, kind of shows him that's there's more to life than the living the life of a criminal.

"Don't get too much of an ego, but you're kind of my everything.

I'm not sure what else to say, besides that if you're looking for something a lot different. With really unique characters that you can relate to minus the sex, then this is your book. FYI, they do actually do the rough and tumble. Twice.

"Yeah?" He sounded on the brink of sleep, same as me.
"Are we a thing now?"
Another throaty chuckle, "We were always a thing, darling. Just took both of us a while to see it."

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