Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Friday, April 18, 2014


I absolutely loved this book!!It was so funny and hot!Exactly what I need it!I loved reading every page of this book *sigh* and definitely I will read the others books of this series :) Hannah and Will was perfectly matched!!!There was a lot of playfulness and very funny moments!!AMAZING!!!

I love in books when the bad boy in the end goes to be the good one and this is what happened in this book! Will is a family friend who is a player.He doesn't like relationships and he has so many girls!On the other hand Hannah is shy and with the lab she doesn't have time for men..She needs help and Will will be there for her!!

 The relationship between them starts as a friendship.They are so comfortable when they are together and Hannah feels free to ask questions about sex and what she must do with men! Will has never loved anyone and he finds Hannah very interesting! His soft side begins to emerge as their friendship strengthened...  

I loved Hanna and Will <3 Hanna is so real!!She is sweet,cute,smart and inoccent!She is one of my favorite heroine!!And Will oh Will OMG he is a Beautiful Player :))) I loved him!!He is so hot and sweet!!I think it's impossible not to fall in love with him!!Their chemistry was amazing and the sex super hot!!

I need to read Max's book because I like him a lot in this one!!The dialogues between Max and Will was hilarious!!!!

I was laughing and giggling all the time!!
If you are looking for a funny,romantic,hot book..Read it!!This is what you need!!
I highly recommend it!!     

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