Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Move the Sun (Signal Bend, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

★★★★ 4 Stars!

"L'amor che muove il sole e l'altre stelle."

"The love which moves the sun and the other stars."

Move the Sun was a fun, fast-paced, action-filled, hot, original story that I very much enjoyed reading. I love a good biker book, especially when they're done right, and this one was right up my alley. But Move the Sun was so much more than "just" another biker book. It has a solid varied plot that constantly kept me on the edge of my seat, a amazingly strong, feisty no-nonsense heroine and let's not forget - a bossy, controlling, sexy biker alpha male.

When Lilli Accardo moves to the small town of Signal Bend, Missouri she immediately gathers the attention of the entire town. Why would a 33 year old city girl move to a dying town in the middle of nowhere? What nobody knows, but what many people suspect, is that she's there on a mission. One that might possibly endanger the rest of the town which is why the town's protective guard and their charismatic leader Isaac Lunden has decided to keep a close eye on her...

Isaac Lunden is the president of the Night Horde MC and unofficial authority figure in and around Signal Bend. He's the kind of guy who doesn't get attached and who enjoys his freedom and independency when it comes to women and relationships. In the bedroom, he's as raw and dirty as they come and Lilli has no problem keeping up with him. Beneath his rough exterior though - he has a soft and caring heart and the combination of those two aspects constantly made me either swoon or fan myself.

While Isaac and Lilli are slowly but surely getting to know each other better, the town of Signal Bend is under the attack of a vicious crime lord and the constant pressure to sell their properties and their lifelong homes so that crime can become it's sole resident there. The people of Signal Bend all depend on the power and protection of the Night Horde and it's up to Isaac to fight to protect their beloved home town.

"Who do they want you to be?"

"A fucking savior."
"I don't know, love. I think maybe you saved me."

I will not say much more about the rest of the storyline. Just know that there is never a dull moment throughout the entire story and that there's a perfect combination of action/suspense and romance. Also, there's no cliffhanger.

If you're in the mood for a "real", raw, gritty, sexy MC book, look no further - this book has it all! The MC's are wonderful together, they have the best chemistry and a strong solid connection (which is needed with all the chaos going on around them). I can't wait to read more about them and the rest of the Night Horde members in the rest of this series! :D

"You astound me."

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