NEW REVIEW: A Good Debutante's Guide To Ruin by Sophie Jordan

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The last woman on earth he would ever touch . . .
Declan, the Duke of Banbury, has no interest in ushering Rosalie Hughes, his stepsister, into society. Dumped on him with nowhere else to go, he's determined to rid himself of the headstrong debutante by bestowing on her an obscenely large dowry . . . making her the most sought-after heiress of the Season.
. . . is about to become the only one he wants.
But Rosalie isn't about to go along with Declan's plans. Surrounded by fortune hunters, how is she supposed to find a man who truly wants her? Taking control of her fate, Rosalie dons a disguise and sneaks into Sodom, a private club host to all manner of illicit activity—and frequented by her infuriatingly handsome stepbrother.
In a shadowed alcove, Declan can't resist the masked temptress who sets his blood afire . . . any more than Rosalie can deny her longing for a man who will send her into ruin.

  "True, he was offering her a roof over her head... a Season, a dowry, but he was not a kind man for all that. He was hard. Rude and curt and high-handed. And yet when she was near him, she wanted to stand closer.

Well! They did say be careful what you wish for, and I'm thinking they're right! Whoever they are. So I've had this book for awhile now and I also got it for a $1.99. Yes I am shamelessly promoting a book I enjoyed! The main selling point for this book for me was the love/hate relationship between the H and h and boy was it ever! Declan infuriated me at first with his blatantly "I don't care", rude and often hurtful way he treated Rosalie. Inside I was telling me myself, "this is it, Christine. Its going to happen. The first time you can't stand an alpha male with asshole tendencies. And for half the book I was on the fence about even enjoying the story but Sophie Jordan's writing is so damn addicting she could be writing you instructions on how to assemble a chair and you'd be mesmerized. So I kept at it until finally there was a glimmer of hope, Declan finally started letting down all those walls he had around his heart and while he may not have been a perfect human being he did show himself to be perfect for Rosalie.

"Inviting bodily injury can be called nothing else. Why on earth would you desire such a thing? Would you care to stick your hand in this door?"
She waved her hand toward his chamber door. " I can slam it on you several times."

And now for the story. Did I mention the fact that the H and h were step-siblings? No? Well Declan is Rosalie's older step brother who she's held a torch for ever since she was a little girl when he would help her from trees she'd climbed, and call her Carrots for giggles. She's been stuck in a boarding school for girls for the last 2 years, her mother seemingly having forgotten all about her. So obviously she's missed her coming out and she's wasted 2 years where she should've been looking for a husband. Rosalie is 20 years old.

Her headmistress parcels her up and leaves her unceremoniously in the care of Declan who wants nothing to do with her. He immediately gives her a dowry of £50 000 ensuring she finds a husband as quickly as possibly. Now let me stop right there because this isn't a retelling. So back to how I felt about this book, Rosalie and Declan's antics where both frustrating and hilarious. The frustrating part mainly because of Declan, but never fear there was a good reason for it so all was forgiven. I have a soft spot for Dukes... and earls and barons. Kings and princes too. So sue me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book so I will definitely be continuing the series. Aurelia and Camden are going to be a treat, I just know it!

"I care."
Her gaze flew to his at that.
"And I'll always come when you need me, Carrots."

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