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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Title: Misconduct
Author: Penelope Douglas
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Organized by: As the Pages Turn


Former tennis player Easton Bradbury is trying to be the best teacher she can be, trying to reach her bored students and trying to forget her past. What brought her to this stage in her life isn’t important. She can’t let it be. But now one parent-teacher meeting may be her undoing…Meeting Tyler Marek for the first time makes it easy for Easton to see why his son is having trouble in school. The man knows how to manage businesses and wealth, not a teenage boy. Or a young teacher, for that matter, though he tries to. And yet…there is something about him that draws Easton in—a hint of vulnerability, a flash of attraction, a spark that might burn.Wanting him is taboo. Needing him is undeniable. And his long-awaited touch will weaken Easton’s resolve—and reveal what should stay hidden…(*STANDALONE, NO CLIFFHANGER*)



When I heard that Penelope Douglas has a new book, I was excited and happy. I loved her writing from the previous books and I was looking forward to her next book! And I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to read it sooner! I loved it so much because it was so refreshing! I haven't read a story like this before.The romance is between a teacher and a parent! Yes, yes amazing right?


Wait till you read it and see how amazing it is! I enjoyed it a lot and read it so fast because I couldn't put it down! It's captivating, sexy, funny and hot! It is different from what we used from Penelope Douglas, here the characters are more mature since they are older!


"Easton was a woman I'd wanted in my bed, but Ms. Bradbury was off-limits."


Easton is smart, strong, sweet, vulnerable but she tries to not let the others see it and sassy(I love her sass, this girl knows exactly what to say to a man like Tyler).Tyler is the perfect, cocky, sexy, possessive alpha male! He can see who she really is and he wants her and he can't stop until he has her! Easton and Tyler are the perfect combination! I loved their connection, they start both being intrigued and fascinated by each other.With smart dialogues and tension to make you want to finally see them together! There are super hot moments that make you melt and swoon through the story!!


I will probably add more things in my review closer to the release but these are enough to make you want to read it!!! Fans of Penelope will love it and if you are not then maybe you will consider to start now!! I highly recommend it to everyone!

3.5 Stars


Ex-Tennis star, Easton Bradbury has lived in the public eye, but a tragic accident and the resulting guilt, has caused her to leave her tennis racket behind. At 23 she is a recent college graduate about to start her teaching career at a prestigious New Orleans school. She has fresh ideas, and a drive to succeed.


What should be a normal parent-teacher meeting, has Easton all out of sorts. The handsome stranger she met months earlier is the parent of one of her more difficult students. Tyler Marek is a lot different when he isn't turning on the charm, he is a successful business owner, Senate hopeful, and he seems determined to give her a hard time. There is some love/hate going on with these two as they try to deny what they both desperately want. But the temptation is too much, and they simply can't keep their hands off one another.


When I read the synopsis for Misconduct, I was instantly intrigued it had all the ingredients for an entertaining story. A sexy, forbidden romance, and I've enjoyed Penelope's storytelling in the past, so I was confident it would be a win for me. But like trying a new recipe, sometimes what looks and sounds great, doesn't always turn out like you expect. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad story, but I did struggle with it at times. I found myself bored on occasion with all the 'teaching' and politics, that said, I felt like she had some great tips for teachers...I also didn't really connect with the characters or their relationship. As a whole everything felt somewhat one-dimensional, and the reveal was a letdown (view spoiler). The sexy times were hot, and there were some cute moments, but I just didn't love this one.



I narrowed my eyes, ready to object, but he grabbed my elbow and led me away from the group so fast I nearly stumbled along the brick path.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as he moved his hand to my back, continuing to lead me off the patio and into the house.

But he didn’t answer.

Most of the guests were outside, but there were a few scattered about, browsing around the house, as well as servers gathering food and supplies to refresh the tables.

“Tyler, someone will see us,” I whisper-yelled this time, trying to dig in my heels and stop him.

But once we were past the bustle of the kitchen, he took my hand and pulled me down the dimmed hallway and past the foyer to his den.

He opened the door, dragged me inside, and slammed it closed. Releasing my hand, he walked behind his desk and crossed his arms over his chest, locking eyes with me.

What the hell was wrong with him?

The woman simply wanted an introduction. Did he think I didn’t know how to be discreet? She couldn’t possibly have recognized me.

Or maybe he was angry about my behavior before she arrived. I guess I wasn’t so discreet. 

“What did he say to you?” Tyler barked out. “When he whispered in your ear?”

I cocked my head, choosing to be stubborn.

“Does it matter?” I played.

He shook his head, letting out a bitter laugh. “Not everything that’s in your head needs to come out of your mouth,” he scolded.

Ah, now we were getting somewhere.

“Are you angry because of what I said or because I drew attention to myself?” I inquired, crossing my arms as well. “Maybe I shouldn’t wear any short skirts either.”

He placed his hands palm down on his desk and glared at me. “That’s not what this is about.”

“Right.” I smiled. “Let me guess. I forgot my place. Legs open, mouth closed, right?”

He pulled up, slowly circling the desk and looking down at me. “Don’t be dramatic.”

My skin tingled, and my heart sped up. “What are you really mad about?”

“What did he say say to you?” His full bottom lip was tight with tension.

“I forgot.” I shrugged. “Something about his dick.”

His entire face hardened. “I should’ve hit him.”

“Then why didn’t you?”

“Because I’m not a child!” he bellowed. “I’m an adult who picks his battles. I don’t just run off, half-cocked, no matter how much I wanted to see him bloody for even getting near you.”

“Too bad,” I taunted, a slight smile on my lips. “If you had, I’d be in here on my knees, sucking your dick right now instead of thinking about his.”

His eyes flared, and he bared his teeth. Grabbing me by the jaw in one hand and hovering his lips just over mine, he slowly swung me around and slammed my ass against the desk, the small tray of file folders on the corner spilling to the floor.

My blood raced. Yes.

About Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Fall Away series.

She dresses for autumn year round, loves anything lemon flavored, and believes there is too much blood in her Coca Cola stream. Or too much Coca Cola in her blood stream. Or...

You know what? It doesn't matter. She loves Coke. Now you know.

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and daughter.

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  1. Great reviews you both have here!! I just got this on audio, so I am super excited to start it.

    1. OMG I need to get audio too :) Thank you <3 and enjoy!!

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