Review: Inferno (SKALS #4) by Adriana Noir

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The lines are drawn. After stumbling across news of Project Blue and all it entails, Sebastian is left reeling. He realizes the world as he knows it and the lives of everyone he loves now hangs in a delicate balance. Bit by bit, new pieces come into play and it seems following Marx’s orders are the only way to survive the potential aftermath—but at what cost? If the ruthless commander succeeds, SKALS will become an all-consuming regime that brings the world to its knees. If he rebels, Marx will kill him and go after everyone he loves, including Taylor and their unborn child. But the burden of guilt rests heavy. The brief glimpses of life and love he’s experienced have opened the jaded agent’s eyes and he can’t help but wonder, with SKALS at the helm, what kind of existence would anyone lead?

No matter which path Sebastian chooses, he stands to lose everything he’s ever loved. Taylor is in more danger than ever, and with other government agencies closing in, he quickly discovers there is nowhere to run—nowhere to turn. 

Resolve will crumble. Alliances will shift, and SKALS will be torn apart from the inside out. Their life is in violent upheaval, but there is no looking back. No second chances. In order to save himself and the woman he loves, Sebastian might have to take a final stance against Marx and the brutal organization he leads, but taking the man down won’t be easy.

As the drums of war beat louder, only time will tell who, and what, will remain standing in the end.

“Welcome to SKALS, cupcake. I suggest you strap yourself in. You’ve just entered the ninth circle of hell.” ~ Agent Josh Reevers - Edge of Obsession



5 STARS!!!

WOW! I can't explain how I feel right now, the way I feel is sort of bittersweet. I have lived and breathed this series for almost 2 years, I remember the day I decided to read Sinister Kisses by Adriana Noir. I remember reading Erotic Psychological Thriller and thinking: "Yes! That's exactly what I'm looking for" And every time I've finished reading each book in the series, I'm always left feeling like Adriana must have cracked open my skull and found my list of "Everything I want in a book" This series was the first series that ever pushed my boundaries, the first series where I loved an anti-hero and questioned my sanity, the first series I ever felt protective of.

Now for my feels about Inferno.
I must have ingested an entire bottle of Gaviscon by the time I finished this book! I was a blubbering mess, I'm serious! I can't tell you how many times I caught myself as I was about to go straight to the end just to make sure everything would turn out okay!

Sebastian Javier Baas. This is the fourth book and last book in the SKALS series and Sebby has grown so much, his character has always been strong and confident but reading each book and understanding how he's mind works has been an absolute pleasure! He was still the same Sebby we all love, but he was so much more. Having Taylor in his life has had such an impact on him. Taylor has always been the balm to Sebby's soul, she is both strength and weakness to Sebby. Taylor, was so strong in this book, you just have to read the book to understand what I mean. She's always had hang ups and issues because of how she grew up, but being with Sebby made her matured her, I think. I'm thinking of one particular scene that I read in this book that had me sobbing like a little girl right now.

Before I bore you all to death, let me tell you about Inferno. The previous book ended with Taylor being in a car crash, I'm sure like me everyone had their hearts in their throats right then. The book starts of with a deep sense of urgency and that does not stop for one minute, and I repeat, not one minute does the urgency stop. Not until the end. Sebby and Taylor are trying to live their lives and have as much happiness, even though the shadow of SKALS and Marx looms over them.

SKALS, is not what it once was. Marx has become a dictator, a Hitler re-incarnate, ruling their lives with an iron fist. He has plans for SKALS and those plans include Sebastian, and he will not allow Sebby's love for Taylor to stand in his way. Sebastian has been suspicious of Marx plans and motives for some time now, and everyday his suspicions are being proven valid.

I'm not going to say anymore but I will say this, as an avid reader of Dark Fiction I always worry that at some point I'll become numb and I won't be able to get that same feeling I got when I read my first Dark read. I'm not sure about you but every time I read a dark book or dark romance all I'm trying to do is re-enact that first thrill. Adriana Noir, did not disappoint! I'm still reeling, this book was emotionally taxing. There were times I felt like my heart was being ripped out my chest and strung to wither in the wind! My heart, at times it hurt but in a good way! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this series.

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