Permanent by Kim Carmichael

Monday, May 05, 2014

Permanent  (Indelibly Marked #1)

Pam's review

3.5 stars
"I owe you one … more than one."

Shane Elliott is THE tattoo artist for all Hollywood celebs, anyone and everyone wants a tattoo from the talented man himself. His kind, fun loving personality and consistent bartering of tattoos for perks gets him in more trouble than he ever expected
when he gets letters from the dreadful IRS. He needs to find someone quick to help him get his life and business in order and luck has it when his new neighbor knocks herself out with a hammer and needs some of his TLC.
"...the bad boy from Hollywood with the soft heart."

All Lindsey wanted was a fresh start, to do things on her own and not have to rely on anyone for help, or in her case have people only want her for the help she can give them. Remaking herself to a corporate accountant, she leaves her small town and moves to Hollywood transforming herself into what she things she wants to see. Removing any trace or memory of her past, she moves onto the next phase of her life, but gets completely blindsided by the attentive, strong and sweet bad boy that comes charging into her life.
"Blond Bombshell with brains."

Appearances, Shane and Lindsey are the exact opposite from each other, never really believing that there could be more than their current client/boss/business manager relationship. Lindsey takes on the task to get Shane’s finances back in order, refusing to fall for Shane’s charms regardless of how hard they are to resist. He and his whole family just folded themselves into her life, genuinely wanting to be an active part of it. Shane knows there is no one else who he wants to make things right, something deep inside tells him that she was always meant to be there by his side, but apart from knowing her name, she is a complete mystery that doesn’t add up.
"If I didn’t know better, I’d say that you fell from outer space right into this apartment so I could find you."

Shane truly wants to be with Lindsey but he doesn’t know how, and while Lindsey wants nothing more than to believe that Shane wants her, she can’t seem to convince herself. Their doubts, assumptions and lies all play in a part of their day-to-day lives, they only time they make sense is when they are together, but apart they can’t help but compare and be reminded of their differences.
"I want to be worthy of you, Lindsey."

Permanent is a tale about two people who are completely mismatched on the outside but a perfect fit on the inside. Shane was incredibly sweet, throwing people off with his bad-boy looks. He was playfully flirty but compassionate and protective. Lindsey was lost in her continuous balance of her mental ledger, she couldn't see the big picture until she was forced to close her books and just go with the flow. Completely insecure and innocent, it killed me to think this beautiful young woman couldn't be comfortable enough in her own skin to really be free from all her doubts and worries.

Along with Shane and Lindsey; Emily, Carson and Ivan make up the Permanent family. They were a great group of family friends to both Shane and Lindsey, doing whatever necessary to help each other out. They all treated Lindsey with kid gloves, and were very protective of her and over time they became hers as much as she was theirs.

It was a cute, fun read and as much as I wanted to love it, Lindsey's self doubt and assumptions were just a bit too much for me. I wanted to shake her, and Shane too when he decided to jump on the not worthy bandwagon. I selfishly also wanted more of an epilogue, but at least we can catch up with them in the next book even if they aren't the main attraction. Overall it was an enjoyable read.

ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

***Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.

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