Saturday guest reviewer Rosalinda Dark Soul Vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dark Soul Vol. 1 (Dark Soul, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just a few quick thoughts before I read Vol. 2. This book confused the hell out of me. It feels like I am missing something and I hope I’m not the only one. I guess I’ll get a lot of answers in the next instalments but I also hope I’ll get some background to the story because I feel like I’ve been thrown in the middle of a story that started way back.

I know I am not making any sense…

So why do I start my review “complaining” about something but I still give this book 4 stars? First of all because Voinov’s voice is just superb. Second, because the characters are so intriguing and I feel like I need to stop my real life and read this series in a row. And third, because there are some very well written steamy scenes. My fave you ask? Yes, that first weird-but-oh-so-damn-hot one.

Stefano, as the blurb says, is a made man, a happily married west coast mafia boss who travels east to await the death of a family patriarch. And he crosses paths with Silvio *SIGH*.

Silvio “the Barracuda” Spadaro is protetto and heir to retired consigliere Gianbattista Falchi, and a made man in his own right.
Silvio is gay and he doesn’t care whether that’s right or not. He is who he is and he doesn’t care for rules.

So, what’s gonna happen when these two souls meet each other?

Lesson learned.
Whatever Silvio had meant by that, Stefano knew it’d really been himself who’d learned the lesson tonight.

I still don’t understand Silvio, I have no idea what his (view spoiler). But I know he’s broken and I have a thing for broken characters so I’ve fallen for him hard.

Hope next book is as intriguing as this one.

Thank you Rosa xx for more reviews

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