Friday guest reviewer Mona Valiant by Laurann Dohner

Friday, November 08, 2013

**4.5 Valiant Roaring Stars**

"I've decided I'm keeping you forever. You're mine."


This story starts off with a chance meeting between Tammy and Valiant… that was never meant to happen. Tammy finds herself in a sticky situation, at the wrong place and defiantly with the wrong person. Terrified of the huge male growling at her from his front yard, Tammy is frozen from fear with nowhere to go. That’s until he pounce and carries her off into his house.

Valiant is known for his hatred for humans. His mistreatment at the hands of humans has stayed with him long after his freedom. After spending so much time alone during his capture, because of his fierce and pronounced New Species looks, Valiant is ready to find a mate to fill his lonely days with companionship; preferably, with a tall and sturdy New Species female. All his plans go to hell the minute he smells Tammy, the very small and ovulating human. His instant attraction and need for her can’t be ignored. All he can think is MINE and I have to keep her forever.

He's spent a lifetime locked in a dank cell, hurting most of the time, and always so lonely.

Tammy can’t help her attraction for Valiant. His huge, bossy and highly protective, but she’s not a push over that can be forced to do anything against her will. With her stubbornness and need to fill her every breath with blabbering, Tammy has the fierce Valiant wrapped around her little finger. But even with her growing feelings for Valiant, Tammy is hesitant to commit this beautiful and compassionate man, who is looking for a forever kind of relationship.

"Open up for me. I need that at least. Your scent calls to me so strongly I hurt. Let me lick you until you come, screaming for me. Let me enjoy your cream." He purred.


I did feel that the relationship and story line was tad rushed throughout the story, but things slowed down to an even pace after half way through. That’s when things really picked up and my mind was blown away. I felt emotional at parts where Tammy and Valiant were separated; and anxiety when the characters faced grave dangers, at the hands of New Species hate groups. I won’t give away anything away, but I do advise to read these books as a series, even though it’s mentioned that they can be read as standalone reads. Things just get better and fucking awesomely better as you read each book.

Mates jump in head first with this sexy, passionate and panty wetting series. You won’t regret it xx

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