Top Recommendation Review Beyond the Sea by L.H. Cosway

Friday, June 12, 2020

On a lonely cliff beside the vast blue sea there is a house.
In the house there lives a girl, and in the girl there lives a dream.

Soon she'll be as free as the fishes that swim beneath the water. But until then she bides her time and lives quietly, her every move ruled over by an uncaring, heartless stepmother.

The hope for freedom is all she has to hold onto. So close she can almost taste it. But when her stepmother’s estranged younger brother comes to stay, he presents a mystery that lures her in.

The girl doesn’t understand that beneath the allure of the unknown sometimes all we find are horrors. And in searching for the truth, her heart is in danger of falling like a rock to the bottom of the deep dark sea.

Beyond the Sea is a Gothic Romance set in modern times. 


I loved it so much, I was hooked and intrigued from the first pages.It was addictive and captivating!
This is a little bit different from her other books,I find it atmospheric!Great characters and the story touched me in so many ways!

I liked the set up and I was intrigued!I loved the vibes it gave me!Estella and Noah will captivate you!Estella was amazing I was connected to her, she was a strong heroine!Noah is mysterious at the beginning but he intrigued me so much!I liked their connection, they were intense!

Such a beautiful story!If you are looking for a unique and atmospheric story that will warm your heart this is the best!

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