Top Recommendation Forever and Never by Ella Fields

Friday, June 28, 2019

Lars Bradby was supposed to be my forever.
That was before we found out he would become a father at the tender age of eighteen. 

For years, he’d watched me.
For months, he’d wanted me.
For weeks, he’d chased me. 

Relentless and infuriating, he turned my stubborn heart into something pliable and weak. 
Sly and honest, he worked his way into my life as though he’d always planned to be the focal point of it.

In love and naive, even when our future seemed bleak, I believed in us. 
Heartbroken and desperate, I tore my bleeding heart from my chest, wanting only the best for him. 

In doing so, our forever wasn’t just interrupted. It was chased away with one irreversible decision after another. 
And now, we could no longer see it beneath the heaping piles of debris we’d left in our wake.



Forever and Never is epic, it was intense,emotional,heartwarming and super hot.This story has all the feels, I cried, I laughed, I was frustrated and I swoon.This was unforgettable, a story with a meaning.This isn't a simple love story, it's so much more, it's a journey full of emotions.


Daphne and Lars stoe my heart and I was aching for both of them.Their chemistry is something else, their romance is heavy.There is a twist in the story that I didn't see it was coming and omg I was so emotional after this and I was waiting to see how things will go.

I loved it so much and I highly recommend it to everyone, this is a must read!!


“You rode here?” I didn’t know why I’d vomited the obvious and withheld the urge to smack myself. 
Lars grinned and rose, wiping his hands on his ripped jeans. He was wearing a black shirt with a bright zombie-looking princess on it and his Vans in their usual worn and dusty shade of maroon. 

After spending what little time I had with him, I’d come to realize I’d never paid much attention to his attire before now. I surmised he could probably wear anything and get away with it. It wasn’t just his looks; those too sharp cheekbones that captivated and confused. Nor was it the thick mop of straight, milk chocolate brown hair atop his head, or the matching long lashes, or those ever-searching, almost black eyes.

It was him.
He had this casual air about him that said he was who he was, and he gave zero fucks about whether it met anyone’s standards.
If I was confident, then he was walking certainty. I was beginning to wonder if the two would always be destined to clash when they collided.

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