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Monday, April 03, 2017

As the son of an Irish mobster, Connor O’Neil spent his boyhood hiding from the horrors of his own home. His one reprieve was a girl he knew only as Evelyn, but even she was taken away. As a man, Connor is determined to stay away from his father’s business. With Sean, participation is not a request, but a demand. The truth is, Connor might be more like the evil he’s trying to hide away from than he would like to admit.

And he’s already spent years trying to cover the scars left over from the pain.

A chance encounter puts the lost girl from his past back on his path, and he no longer has a choice but to face the darkness he’s been ignoring for years.

Evelyn. Sasha. Slave. 

She doesn’t really know who she is anymore. 

Or maybe she does, and she doesn’t want to tell.

She isn’t the same as she once was—now a thing to be kept and maintained, shuffled from owner to owner until it was her time to go. She only became Connor’s because he took her when he knew she wasn’t his to take.

Except she isn’t Connor’s at all …

And he can’t keep her hidden forever.

~Inflict is a Standalone Romance with graphic depictions of violence, sexual scenes, dark elements and a HEA. It is not recommended for those under the age of 18.

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" He loved her, so he gave her whatever the feck her black heart desired. After all, it made his black heart keep beating ."

Another beautiful story from Bethany Kris.This author surprise me each time I read a new book from her.Inflict is a dark,sweet,emotional and super hot romance.


Evelyn and Connor are two broken characters.They had a difficult life.Fate bring them together after years but Evelyn isn't the same girl anymore..Evelyn is shy,sweet and innocent.Connor is fantastic, he is vulnerable,sweet and possessive when it comes to Evelyn.

The writing is so beautiful and the story captivating.If you are looking for a unique story of two broken people finding to each other what they really needed this is perfect for you!

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