Arc review Toward The Sound Of Chaos by Carmen Jenner

Thursday, May 19, 2016

TTSOC FOR WEB.jpgJake Tucker is broken. At twenty-two, he went into the Marine Corps a naïve, troubled youth. Nine years and four tours later, Jake finds himself back on US soil, though his mind remains firmly planted in the sands of Afghanistan with the men he left behind.Wounded, chewed up and spat out by war, Jake has only his dog, Nuke, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt to keep him company. He’s lived every day for nine years wondering when it will be his last, but there’s little comfort in the fact that he’s still standing when his platoon isn’t.Ellie Mason doesn’t have time for broken. She’s too busy trying to put food on the table. And keeping up with the demands of her autistic son, Spencer, is sometimes like fighting behind enemy lines. As if navigating the minefields of single parenthood isn’t enough, Ellie finds herself drawn to the quiet Marine who’s just as lonely as she is. But she’s loved damaged men before, and it left her wounded.Set against the picturesque backdrop of Fairhope, Alabama, Ellie and Jake find themselves running toward the sound of chaos.Love is war.Only the strong survive, and surrender is inevitable.

What an emotional ride!This isn't an easy book to read but still this doesn't mean I didn't love it!It's sad,intense,sweet and hot.I have read many books from this author and I believe that this one is a little bit different from her other books.Toward the Sound of Chaos hit me straight to my feelings make me cry a lot ,laugh at times and swoon.

Ellie is one of the toughest and strongest heroines I've ever met.I can't even imagine how difficult must be having a son with Autism and SPD and staying alone taking care of him.Things aren't easy but she loves so much her son and you can see it through the story. Jake has returned from war and now he is a broken man.He has to deal with his own demons.

." Nine years I fought their war. Now, every day I wake and fight my own."

When Ellie and Jake meet life will not be the same again.It will be a challenge for both of them!They have to work a lot of things.

."I survived war, I survived torture at the hands of the Taliban, but I won't survive Ellie Mason, not with my heart still intact."

This was a great read full of emotional moments but also with the hint of hope. Carmen Jenner is absolutely a fantastic author!!With this book she proved that she can do so many things!!Can't wait for her next books!!

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