NEW REVIEW: Coming Up Roses by Catherine Anderson

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Widow Kate Blakely knew nothing of love - but she knew plenty about unhappiness. She'd married young, hoping to put down roots in a safe haven, but her husband had shattered her naiveté, and made her fear for her beloved daughter's safety until the day he died.

When she first met her new neighbor, Zachariah McGovern, all she saw was danger. But Zach saw much more. He saw beauty, he saw tenderness. He knew he could rescue Kate Blakely from her past - if only she would let him. What Zach couldn't know, however, was the price that had to be paid to save the woman he loved.

"I was wrong, Zachariah. So very wrong. I'm not sure what the definition of a hero is, exactly, but if ever a man was one, you are."

This isn't my first Catherine Anderson novel, I actually read Simply Love a few years ago and loved it. I'm not sure why I forgot about this author though but never fear, she's definitely in my top favourite Historical Romance Authors category. Coming Up Roses was the second Catherine Anderson book I read last week. This was a truly heartwarming western romance, Anderson has a knack for drawing her reader in by using those little things that we don't necessarily take for granted but we do forget about them when reading a book. Like how sweet it is when the hero loves animals, and how we get those butterflies in our tummies when he's good with children. I've heard Catherine Anderson's male leads referred to as very alpha male to the point of being over the top and I have to disagree. Perhaps I need to read a few more but I would rather call her heroes Gamma heroes. They display all the alpha male characteristics we love but without the overbearing or arrogant/jerk part. They're supportive and will cater to the heroines whims but will show strength and confidence when needed.

"Now here stood Zachariah. He wasn't quite what she had once pictured. No three-piece suit. No flowers in hand. No pretty proclamations. But in a roughly tender way, no man could ever be more gallant."

Kate Blakely is a widow, her husband died a few months back and she and her 4 year old daughter, Miranda have been trying to put their life back together. They're not unhappy, Kate's husband was not a good man, he physically and mentally abused Kate and Miranda regularly. When Zachariah McGovern walks into their lives everything changes. Zachariah is a strong capable man, he isn't cruel like Kate thinks most men are. Her daughter feels safe around him, she does too, and he seems to be sincere in everything he says and does. 
Kate and Miranda bring out Zachariah's protective instincts, he's never felt like this about a woman before. But Kate is keeping her past a secret, her dead husband still has a hold on her and her child.

While I sort of figured out what the big secret was it definitely didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book. Like I said, Anderson's books have that feel good quality that makes them so very addicting. You can't help but smile while reading, and it might just be me but I was in tears during the heartbreaking moments.

If you're looking for something light but heartwarming, then you should pick this up!

"He feathered his lips lightly over hers. "From here on out, Katie McGovern, everything in your life is coming up roses. No more sadness."

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