ARC REVIEW: His Only Wife by Melissa Brown

Tuesday, April 07, 2015
I didn’t think I’d ever want to devote my life to someone. That is, until Brin. 

I was twenty-six years old the day she entered my life, just when I’d given up hope, just when I’d given up completely on having any shred of happiness in my pathetic excuse for a life. After years of indecision, self destruction and soul-searching, she found me.

Brinley challenged everything I thought I knew. She proved that goodness could still come from that hellish compound. Goodness, bravery and love. She changed everything the moment she knocked on the door of my apartment, acting as brave as a lion, even though she was shaking like a terrified mouse stuck in my trap.

And now, three years later, I want her as my wife. My only wife. Till death do us part.

Just us.

And I’ve never wanted anything more.



It's amazing that you can live somewhere for twenty-two years and never feel like you fit in, like you're home. That night in his truck, I'd known I was finally home. Porter was the home I'd dreamed about for years.

First of all if you're reading this review but you haven't read Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown, then stop before I ruin an amazing book for you. I read Wife Number Seven last year and quite frankly it was unlike any book I'd ever read. Brinkley's story pulled me in from the get go, her journey (I know it sounds cheesy but it's true) of self discovery drew me in and didn't let go till the end. One thing the first book and now this novella has reminded me is how many things I take for granted.

His Only Wife is told mainly from Porter's POV, while I do think that the first book had a satisfactory ending for this couple, this novella provided the perfect round up of their story. I loved how their life post-compound wasn't perfect. They had fears, they went through hiccups and set backs like regular people. Which just made them seem more real and not cookie cutter or fluffy perfect. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't smile like an idiot or didn't shed a tear while reading this book. I thought Porter was absolutely adorable in his unwavering love for Brinley. Just effortless!

I can't wait for more books from this series and hopefully Porter and Brinley will make a few appearances too!

I want to stand in front of God, if he exists. I want to stand in front of the people we love and proclaim my undying love to you. I want to be bound to you for eternity." I paused to take a breath and placed

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review


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