ARC REVIEW: Filthy Macellos - Giovanni by Bethany-Kris

Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Giovanni Marcello lives life by his own terms and has no intention of changing. As a Capo and the son of a mob boss, he knows what is and is not acceptable conduct. That doesn’t stop him from doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. The one thing he would never do is disobey the principles of La Cosa Nostra. That is, until he spends a night with a beautiful stranger. 

He’ll break every rule for her. 

Kim Abella has made some mistakes—no doubt about it. She’s paying for them by a forced marriage she doesn’t want to a man who suffocates her with his demands and abuse. After everything, she knew better than to get mixed up with another family, especially their youngest son. Then again, when she’s with him, he reminds her of who she is beneath the control that’s slowly killing her. 

She just can’t leave him alone. 

Being spoken for by a made man means Kim is off-limits, but Giovanni doesn’t play nice when it comes to taking what should be his. The only thing that might save them both from a bullet and a makeshift grave for what they’ve done are the very same rules they already broke. 

Sometimes, love has to start out a little filthy. 

***Please note, adult situations including sexual encounters, minor drug use, and scenes of violence not intended for audiences younger than 18 years of age.


Giovanni's book completely surprised me, I mean it was angsty, I had some really good feels while reading it but I also had some pretty sad feels too!

Giovanni, is the youngest Marcello son. Unlike his two older brothers Lucian and Dante he didn't follow the plans that were set out for him by their father. He dropped out of college and the one thing he does that affects his family the most is that he uses. He's either drinking or doing drugs, probably both. Chasing the ultimate high, constantly wanting to feel.

There were only a few things he truly enjoyed in life. Fucking, fighting, running his narcotics on the streets, shooting guns, and being the Skip. A capo for his father's Cosa Nostra.

One thing I need to stress about the Marcellos is that they are Made Men who enjoy what they do. I mean this isn't a series about three brothers born into the Mafia and trying to get out of the life. They do what they do to make money, and they enjoy it. Be it money laundering, distributing drugs on the streets, owning legit businesses and killing people, they embrace it as part of their lives. I don't think anyone embraced it more than Giovanni though, there's nothing more important to him than his Family and what he does for it.

Which brings us to the moment he meets Kim, he has no idea how she'll change his life when they meet at hotel for (all intents and purposes)a one night stand. Imagine Gio's shock when he realises the woman he spent one night with, the woman he can't get out of his head is fiance to a rival Boss's son. The son he can't stand, the son he feels like killing every time he sets on eyes on him. Franco Sorrento. Let's not forget that Kim's father is Nunz Abella who is Gio's father's sworn enemy. A relationship between Gio and Kim would mean guaranteed death for Gio but the heart wants what it wants.

"I should have never have approached you in New York," Kim said, wishing she hadn't dragged him into her screwed up life.

I'm so fucking glad you did."

Kimberlynn Abella, made a mistake the night she slept with Giovanni Marcello but before that night she made an even bigger mistake. She was caught counting cards at a Casino owned by the Sorrento family, on any other day being caught stealing money from a Mafia family would mean death but her she's given an alternative. Marry Franco Sorrento and be the perfect wife and your family won't be shamed and you'll also get to keep your life. Guess what she chooses?

Christ. It was beautiful... in a way that made her ache. A thought passed though her mind so fleetingly she almost missed it. Almost.
What would it be like to be only his?

At first Gio sees what's on the surface. A spoiled rich Mafia princess, who thinks she can have whatever she wants, consequences be damned. But as time goes by, he sees the dark and lonely existence that Kim lives. The unwanted daughter, a pawn in her father's schemes to better himself in the Cosa Nostra.

I'm a romantic at heart and Gio and Kim's story seriously tugged my heart strings in the perfect way. Sweet without being fluffy, and just the right amount of danger for me not to forget that these are Made Men. Oh man what do I say?! Young love. Flawed. This couple is far from perfect, they made some serious mistakes, but their love was enough to pull them through.

"You know, I learned a long time ago breathing didn't make a person feel alive. But you knock the air right out of my lungs, and it's never felt more real."

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review


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