Christine's Review: The Queen of All That Dies by Laura Thalassa

Monday, February 23, 2015
In the future, the world is at war. 

For the last decade, King Lazuli of the Eastern Empire has systematically taken over the world. No one knows much about him other than a series of impossible facts: he cannot die, he has not aged since the conflict began, and he wants to rule the world. 

All Serenity Freeman has known is bloodshed. War has taken away her mother, her home, her safety. As the future emissary of the Western United Nations, the last autonomous region of the globe, she is responsible for forging alliances where she can. 

Surrender is on the horizon. The king can taste it; Serenity feels it deep within her bones. There is no other option. Now the two must come face to face. For Serenity, that means confronting the man who’s taken everything from her. 

For the king, it means meeting the one woman he can’t conquer. But when they meet, something happens. Cruelty finds redemption. 

Only in war, everything comes with a price. Especially love. 



5 +++ STARS!!!

Imagine a future where the world is at war. There is only one ruler. There is no democracy. You either yield to the king or you are his enemy.

Serenity Freeman, is a child of war. All she's ever known is the fight for survival and that her enemy and that of the WUN is King Lazuli, the man responsible for her mother's death and countless others. She's a soldier and it's all she knows, but her father is the emissary of WUN so she's always known that someday she would have to play a part in forging allegiance.

First of all the WUN (because you're probably thinking what the heck is that) is the Western United Nations, territory that King Lazuli has not yet conquered. Although it's a wonder that he would like to because it's war torn. After waging war for a decade, the land is riddled with radiation. It's in the water and in the earth. Cancer is the norm for the people who live there.

Back to the story. Serenity and her father are sent to King Lazuli's territory to begin peace talks. The west is dying, the people are dying and they finally realize that surrender is the only way to move forward. When Montes, King Lazuli sees Serenity, he knows he must have her. And before you roll your eyes no it's not insta-love. You have to understand the type of person Montes is, he has waged wars with the east and west and he always wins. He's a conqueror and he's used to getting his way. And no he's not a alpha jerk, he's ruler of the world and he rules it with an iron fist. He also has a vulnerable side though, because I don't think he quite realised the impact of his actions. The lives he ruined. He never saw the results of his greed until he met Serenity

My gaze moves between his eyes, his dark fathomless eyes. "You can't make someone love you," I say.

"I don't need you to love me."

My Montes minus the beard and the tattoo

Now lets take a moment and give this girl a hand of applause. She's feisty, she's strong and she doesn't take shit from anyone, including King Lazuli. In a nutshell, Serenity Freeman is a kick-ass heroine. I think some might call her abrasive but just remember she's probably the best soldier the WUN has and because of that she's had to deal with men feeling intimidated by her strength. Yes she's attracted to Montes when she first meets him, but she never forgets that he's the man responsible for the death of her beloved Mother.

"You want to see compassion? Fine." I take the hand pressed against my shoulders and kiss his knuckles.

"I've now kissed the hand of my mother's killer."

Before he has time to react to my chaste kiss, I bring my other hand up and slap him.
His head whips to the side. "I'm also a vindictive bitch," I say.

Now did I mention that this is a hate/love romance? A lot of the hate coming from Serenity mind you, but still. Serenity fights her attraction to the king so hard. I think I would too even though he's looks are to die for.

The king leans in so that he can peer into my eyes.

"Are you alright?"

I hold up a finger, and he patiently wait. The nausea passes, and I begin walking again.
"What was that?" he asks.
"It's my bodies reaction to you."
"I'm glad I leave you short of breath."
"Don't flatter yourself; I was trying not to barf."

Now before I bore you anymore than I already have let me say this. The Queen of All That Dies, is thrilling tale filled with suspense, love, hate, passion, lust... and I'm trying to think of more words. It was an awesome read and totally vanquished my book slump only to leave me with yet another one! You should read it!

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