Review: Bound To Accept by Nenia Campbell - Reviewed by Christine

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kelly Hauser is a 25-year-old hipster/brony/self-proclaimed geek who self-publishes romance novels. She's also been in love with her best friend, Tristan Lesauvage, for fourteen years. When she finds out he's broken things off with his latest girlfriend, she takes the chance to tell him how she feels after being stuck in the friendzone for all these years.

Tristan is shocked--and Kelly thinks that he must be totally repulsed when he tells her that he doesn't think they'd be good for each other. But that's not it at all. Tristan has been an active participant in the BDSM scene since he turned 18, and he's afraid of wrecking what they have.

As Kelly pursues a relationship with her friend-turned-lover, Tristan shows her a kind of sensuality she only thought existed in books that had silly titles and covers with close-ups of inanimate objects placed on silk sheets.

Warning: contains sexual content and scenarios that aren't appropriate for readers under 18.


3.5 Stars!


About The Story

Kelly Hauser, is a geeky, My Little Pony fanatic and indie author. She's quite happy to spend her days writing her latest books and fan girling over anything remotely "My Little Pony". Her life would be complete but for just one thing, her best friend Tristan. Tristan, is a "man-whore" he's a stickem and leavem kinda guy. He's been Kelly's best friend since before he got buff, but because of this he's basically never seen Kelly than more as a friend. Most of the time he just purges to Kelly, about his skank and sex filled life. Kelly was friend zoned even before she new it.

Kelly's a virgin, a 25 year old virgin at that. Her views on sex are pretty innocent and one sided. When she finally gets enough guts to tell Tristan about how she feels about him, he lets her in on a secret about himself. He's into BDSM, which is how Kelly is introduced to Tristan's way of life.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book, I took off half a star because I felt it needed to be longer and because of the length things seemed to happen rather quickly. Here's my take on this book.

Kelly's character is incredibly naive and she's desperately in love and infatuated with Tristan, to the point of interpreting everything he does as a declaration of love to her. Now if you've read some of Nenia's other books you'll start questioning everything that happened in this story, and for me after I'd finished reading it, I realised that I probably shouldn't have. But in hindsight I should have lol! Because Tristan in my opinion, was using Kelly. He introduced her to his version of the BDSM scene. I'll go to a scene where Kelly and Tristan went out to eat and they ran into a Domme that Tristan new from a BDSM club(that he does't go to anymore if I'm correct) Tristan was obviously intimidated by this woman which is why he didn't want Kelly anywhere near her. Might Tristan be wary of some aspects of BDSM? Ponder, ponder...

Tristan's, ego has been inflated by Kelly for a very long time and what he did here was use it to his advantage. And after reading the epilogue I think the shit is about to hit the fan.


Some of my favourite quotes

"You are so sweet."
"Don't say that. It shouldn't be sweet of a man to respect a woman's boundaries. It should be common sense. Sweet implies that it's a sacrifice on a man's part, an act of gargantuan selflessness.


"Are we going to fuck today, Sir?"
"Such a mouth on you. No, pony girl. But soon"

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