ARC Review: Clinging to Rapture by Megan D. Martin - Reviewed by Christine

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

“I let you walk away, Julia. I let you go, but I can still take you back if I want.”

Four months ago I ran away. I left him behind. The man who stalked me, took control of my body, and claimed he loved me.

Now he’s returned. Like dripping razor blades, he has slashed his way back into my life. But everything is different. 

He doesn’t want me anymore.

I expected him to come back, to be sorry. I even planned to forgive him. I should have known that he would discard me like everyone else in my life. But I’m going to change that.

My billionaire stalker has come to say goodbye…only this time I plan to keep him.




About The Story

Angst me, why don't you?!

Clinging to Rapture, takes place four months after Drowning in Rapture , Julia is working at a gas station and regrets the decision she made. She misses her old life but mostly she misses Cole. She realises that she may have made a mistake.

The chance she's been waiting for comes in the form of Cole, walking into the gas station she works at. Finally she has a chance to come clean to him and voice her feelings. But it seems Cole has moved on with his life. Enter his high school sweetheart "What's her face Elaine" So at this point my reaction was this:

Yeah, I know who she is but what the fuck???

Cole then proceeds to act as if he couldn't care less about Julia, and begins to infuriate me. He does this all while pining for her in his head! I'll be brief but Elaine was everywhere and even when Cole had finally made his mind up about who he should be with, she was still there! Yapping and being disrespectful toward Julia, all while Cole said nothing!!! He kept quiet! And then the one time Julia stands up for herself he decides to cut in!!! At this point I just couldn't, I hated him!

In Drowning in Rapture Cole was this assertive male hero who went after what he wanted, in Clinging to Rapture he was weak and indecisive. Letting his mother and ex shunt him around!

"You're still going to marry her," I said quietly, never breaking his gaze.

"I never said that."
"You said never it was going to change."
"I didn't think I had to say it. I thought what happened between us was clear."

Are you KIDDING me???? What the hell???

I was seriously telling Julia to stop wasting her time in my head! There are times when you just have to let it go! On a more positive note, I really enjoyed the mystery and intrigue aspect of the book and I'd really like to know more about Cole's past. Hopefully he won't be such a dick in book three.

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review, and thank you, Megan♥♥♥

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