ARC Review: Hard Roads by Lily White

Monday, July 21, 2014

This life isn’t one that I chose for myself. 

Years spent as a daughter in the Dominion MC left me washed up and struggling to breathe. Life was never flowers and sunshine. It was gravel and dust, the trails of dirt left behind when the brothers tore out, floating up from the ground to hover in front of an angry, red sun. 

I could never have imagined that a life sitting at rock bottom could get any worse, but it did. 

Life is funny like that. 

Just when you think things can’t get any more bleak, a shade is drawn leaving you staggering and blind – lost in a world of heartache and sorrow. 

I met J.D. Brooks on the road and he swept me off my feet. Literally. But not in the way you might think. 

He was both an angel and a demon. 

He was the most vicious storm that ever darkened my life. 

He was also my salvation. 

Stripped from the hands that always held me back, I was released into a nightmare that would threaten everything I thought I knew about the crap hand I’d been dealt. 

I thought I could never hate a man more than the one who stole me from the life I’d known. 

And in our time together, he would teach me one important lesson: 

That in the end, it doesn’t matter how our paths intersect, because when it comes down to the basic truth of our lives... 

...we’re all stuck traveling down hard roads 

*Disclaimer - The book is not recommended to readers sensitive to graphic depictions of violence. This book is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.*



3.5 Stars!

So I'm not a connoisseur of biker romances, but I'd like to imagine that I know my way around Dark romance or just plain Dark fiction (not really). Which is why I jumped at the chance to read Hard Roads by Lily White since I would basically read her grocery list!

Hard Roads, is a dark MC Novel, that is heavily plot based, although there are a liberal number of hot, smexy scenes for those who enjoy their smut (like me). But again it focuses on plot, these aren't your neighbourly Motorcycle Clubs that do a toy run every year to raise money for the orphans. They're rough and they don't take shit from anyone, blowing someones brains out for looking at them funny is part of their daily regiment. These guys will shoot you, just to make sure their guns are in working condition.

Holly is a club brat, her father is the club President. She lives and breathes the life, she's a tough as nails woman who doesn't roll over for any man. Until her father's carelessness puts her right smack in the middle of danger. She's kidnapped for all intents and purposes, and this isn't the type of book where the heroine is "kidnapped" and then placed in a room filled with silks and high thread count sheets.

So for about 40% of the book I felt a bit disconnected with the characters, and for some reason the book didn't feel dark enough. I felt the story was running around in circles, and I was a bit frustrated. But that quickly ended with the introduction of a character who shall not be named.

I started off indifferent to JD's character but by 50%, I finally understood him, therefore I started feeling what he was feeling. JD's character is a bit of a mystery in the beginning to me, so I didn't know if he was good or bad. This frustrated me because I wanted to immediately place him in a category. His character had so many sides, and by the end of the book I really appreciated it.

Like all Lily White books, this one had the trademark gore scenes which I've come to love. Her writing is graphic, she doesn't hold back, I wonder how she thinks up all the stuff that happens in her books! (view spoiler)

I loved the compound OMG (view spoiler) The atmosphere was chilling. The people who were there were either checked out human beings, or completely sick and twisted! (view spoiler)

On the whole I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Lily White never disappoints!

We can't hate on the pain and tragedy that form our lives,

because it might be what's needed to lead us to our destiny. 
People meet and become acquainted in the events and turmoil that shape us into who were meant to become.
But most importantly, I would tell any person that would listen that
in the end, it doesn't matter how our paths intersect, 
because when it comes down to the basic truth of our lives...
...we're all stuck traveling down hard roads.

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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