Review: Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Decker Steele had it made...Penthouse apartment, VIP parties, girls on tap. You see, Decker Steele is the Pornography Associations award winning, money making machine. But what does a self-confessed, pussy pounding warrior do when his prized package begins to fail? Freak the 'F' out, that's what!

Andi Jennings is the socially inept, geeky and awkward cousin of Decker's best friend. Only she's not so geeky and awkward anymore. Now she's a smokin' hot country bumpkin, with a smokey voice made for phone sex, and a pair of hot as hell cowboy boots. Everyone adores her, my porn star buddies, my mom and dad, my 'equipment'. 

So, the prized package isn't so failing anymore, the catch is, it will only perform for Andi...My friend WITHOUT benefits. 

What will the prince of porn do? The girl or the career?

** Reader Warning** - This novel is NOT a dark romance. There are absolutely no whips or floggers, no matter how much Andi wants to smack Decker over the head at times. There are no BDSM slavery themes, unless you can count that Decker is a slave to Andi’s hot cowboy boots and sexy Texan drawl. Decker’s Wood does however feature glitter rain, manscaping, vajazzle, tequila shots, roof-top dancing and one hell of a dick trick!

For Mature Audiences – sexual situations and language which some readers may find offensive

★★★★ 4 Stars!

"If you really do love him, his past won't matter, because you're his future."


This was such a fun book! The combination of humor + romance + sexy times + limited amount of drama =

Decker's Wood is the story of Decker Steele, whose whole career pretty much consists of

As an award-winning porn star and a self-professed "pussy pounding machine", his "wood" is essential to his career. And he's damn proud of his equipment.

There's one problem though: for the past year he hasn't been able to produce "wood", unless it was pill-induced...

That is until he meets, Andi, his best friend Bradley's younger cousin who used to be a nerdy, naive teenager with glasses and braces. But, over the past 12 years Andi has turned into a beautiful, confident woman and she's the first woman whose managed to capture his (and his body's) attention in a very long time.

Andi is one of the most likeable heroines I've come across lately. She always says it like it is and doesn't cause any unnecessary drama. She's a sassy, down-to-earth girl from Texas with a quirky sense of humor and a love for books, country music and drinking games.

Aside from MC's and their hilarious banter, there are also a bunch of entertaining side characters who made me laugh-out-loud multiple times. Especially Casey & Lionel:

So if you want a fun, relaxing, feel-good standalone read (told from dual POV), look no further and give this one a try!

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