Blurred Lines by Jennifer K. Brand

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Blurred Lines 

★★★★ 4 Stars! ** It's LIVE on Amazon !!

"Sometimes love just happened. Exploring the whys of it was an exercise in futility."

Romance. Passion. Intrigue.

Blurred Lines by Jennifer K. Brand is a fast-paced, passion filled standalone romance filled with action and suspense. The prologue immediately grabbed my attention and I stayed invested in Lori and Davide's story until the final page. The combination of romance and intrigue made this a unique and thrilling debut and I'm already looking forward to more of this author's work in the future!

When 27 year old lawyer Lori Brinkley goes on a week long vacation to Barcelona, she never expected her life to change so irrevocably. What was supposed to be a vacation fling, turned out to have some unexpected life-altering consequences...

"'Operation get the hottie manager in bed' was now in full swing."

From the moment she meets the handsome hotel manager Davide Valenti, she's attracted to his charming gestures and alluring appearance. So, when he asks her out and diner turns into a night full of passion, she's determined to take advantage of their shared attraction and enjoy her time with him, just for a week. Never could she have guessed, her one week of fun would come back to haunt her in the most unexpected ways.

Lori was a very straight-forward, feisty heroine and I really admired her ability to remain so level-headed, even in the most stressful or dangerous situations. The fact that her POV was written in first person, while Davide's was written in third person, made it easy for me to relate to her.

Then there's Davide, who starts off as the typical charm-your-pants off bad boy with his adorable smile and irresistible looks. At times, he could be a real jerk, but beneath his tough guy exterior he actually has a kind heart and ultimately, all he wants is to protect Lori and keep her safe from his violent world. Because of his past, I was really rooting for him to finally get his happy ending with Lori by his side.

From hearts and flowers to guns and knives, Blurred Lines is one thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat with it's many twists and turns. And in between all of that the passion and growing feelings between Lori and Davide provide a "lighter" distraction from all the action and suspense.

"I didn't realize how utterly empty my life had been until you showed me what I could have."

The law-abiding lawyer and the reckless mobster son... could two opposites like that ever make it work? Or are their world just too far apart to ever be united with each other? Read the story, and find it out for yourselves! ;)

Recommend read - no cliffhanger.

"Permanent. Lasting. Persisting. Enduring. Unfading."

Release date: May 28th 2014.

**ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

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