Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren: Review

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful Bastard, #1.5)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars



Beautiful Bitch was completely unnecessary, this novella could have been condensed and been an epilogue for Beautiful Bastard. So basically what this novella did was tie up some loose ends from its predecessor. Chloe and Bennett, are very much in love and are juggling their very busy work schedule while are trying to squeeze in some alone time in between, which is proving to be a battle.

The story is told mainly in Bennett's POV, but there is some input from Chloe. Bennett reminisces about the period he and Chloe were apart, and immediately after they were re-united. He also thinks back on all their failed attempts to go away together on vacation. I must say I found this unnecessary bit of angst annoying. Bennett, was quite toned down in this book, he was not much of an ass, I did miss that. He's hopelessly in love with Chloe and so is she.

The ending was quite predictable, but satisfactory. I didn't hate it, I liked it, but again this all could have been an epilogue.

The sex was hot though...

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