Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren: Review

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


***Calling all ye SMUT FANS***

I have a new book boyfriend to add to my list. Meet Bennet Ryna, a beautiful bastard who will make your panties drop if he doesn't rip them off first! He's cocky, a stud in the bedroom and absolutely divine! What more could a girl ask for then? Did I mention the fact that he's gorgeous too?

I grudgingly admit
One of the few heroines that I loved reading it about. She an alpha female, but she and Ryan make it work! I could harp on about what else I like about her but that's not how I roll lol!

Once again, I need to stress that this book is a SMUT FEST, when the characters in this book feel they feel strongly. So when they're sad, they f*ck, when they're happy, they f*ck, and just for they heck of it they still f*ck!

A little about the story
Chloe, is Bennet's personal assistant they have a weird relationship. They basically hate each other but they when it comes to business they work like a well oiled machine. Until one day... Bennett snaps he's been hiding his lust for Chloe since he first me her, but when she reciprocates they attraction rises to dangerous heights and the sex is positively electric!

And so begins a relationship full of sexual gratification. Heated looks, stolen kisses, and some very delicious groping! These two will have sex wherever they can, if they opportunity makes itself known, then trust me they'll use it!

Intercourse. Penetration. That's what it's all about! I was looking for a smutty read, and that's what I got! I haven't mentioned how funny this book was, it was hilarious and I'm not a huge fan of humour it tends to dim the alphaness (yes, I just made that word up) of the male character. I don't want to read about a comedic alpha male. And trust me Bennett Ryan is most definitely an alpha male!

I'm quite impressed with this series so I will definitely continue the rest!

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