Last Breath by Jessica Clare

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Last Breath (Hitman, #2)

4.5 Hitman Stars!

Last Hit, starts off brutally with a scene where Regan is servicing a john. Despite the brutality and depravity Regan is exposed to, she's strong enough to block it all out. It shows a strength in character, the way Regan was able to remove herself from her predicament.

She's sold to Daniel, who she presumes is another john, who will be as brutal to her as the man who has sold her. But when it comes to choosing which fate she would prefer, she realises Daniel would be her best option. Not that she has a choice.

Daniel, is a man on his own mission. He's looking for his sister who was kidnapped, he's been through every single brothel in Rio looking for her, a mission that seemed doomed but he's not about to give up. He's been given a tip concerning the whereabouts of his sister. This is where his fate and Regan's begins to intertwine.

Daniel's saved many girls from a life of sexual slavery but he's never connected with any of them, until Regan. She brings out his protective instincts, well that and that fact that he is deeply attracted to her.

My Thoughts
There was no insta-love here, this was two people leaning in each other in difficult circumstances, by doing this they both learned to trust each other. Especially Regan, she had absolutely every reason not to trust Daniel. Every single man who'd come into her life after being kidnapped, proved that men cannot me trusted. I know I always go on about how much I love alpha males, but Daniel was 100% alpha, but he was also the right kind of man for Regan. He was able to be sensitive to her situation but still remained a strong and assertive man in my eyes.

Regan was in no way a weak heroine, yes she was incredibly attached to Daniel but she that was a survival tactic for her, she also sensed that Daniel was sincere and therefore she could trust him. What I also appreciated about this book was the subtle humour, the banter between Daniel and Regan was endearing, and I loved that. I loved how he had cute nicknames for her, and how he new when to use the ones she didn't like to draw her out of the pain she would sometimes wallow in.

This was an absolutely stellar read, although it wasn't very dark. It was gritty, had awesomely hot sex scenes, action, suspense and two very great characters!

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review


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