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Friday, March 07, 2014



My scars terrify most people, but she views me as the sun, shining light into the darkness of her past. I am a killer, yet gave her life. She is mine and I dare anyone to stand in my way.


I am nobody until Gator sees me through the scope of his rifle. My life is suffering and violence, but he offers redemption. I am his and I dare anyone to keep us apart.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Entertaining Stars!!!

Before I start my review, I need to stress that I don't think this book was meant to be funny. But unfortunately because of the execution, it was in fact rather funny at times.

I'm actually not sure where to start, this story was hilarious, creepy and uncomfortable to read. Let start with a brief summary of the most prominent characters. Please pay special attention to the names. This is my expression when I read them.


Main Characters:
Jake/Gator - Hero/Anti-hero
Description: Hitman/goon whatever you want to call him, he's tough as nails and takes no crap from anyone! He hate people in general, well until he sees Idget Gidget and decides to keep her for himself.

"Say you're mine." I demand too strongly, but she doesn't flinch.

"You're mine."

"Close enough.

Now in a normal situation I would be swooning all over the place,but... Look he wanted her, unfortunately she isn't very well. She's a 13 year old stuck in a grown woman's body. You need to leave her alone, this is some sort of f*cked up pedophile behaviour.

Gator consistently want to screw the heroines brains out throught the entire book, even though he feels bad he refuses to let her go! Because she's his...

I'm not going to quote here, but he imagines taking her on any available surface many a time!

Idget-Gidget/Mia -Heroine
Description:Forced into prostitution by her good for nothing father. Suffered brain damage at the age of 13, when a "client" obsessed with asphyxiation deprived her of air for too long.
Mentally distraught, suffered a miscarriage. Carries around a baby doll with a blanket to fill the void. In essence, heroine is a 13 year old in a grown woman's body...

I can't possibly find fault with the heroine in this book, she was completely helpless. All she new was a life spent serving clients on her back. Obviously she;s going to fall in love with the first guy that comes along and takes her away from the situation, hey what would you choose? Service many or just one?

I found myself laughing in some situations and then uncomfortable in others.

Supporting Characters:
Rodent - Heroines father
Flame - Hero's mentor

I didn't find any of the sex scenea hot, none at all. I couldn't stop thinking of the heroine as a 13 year old girl. Here's the thing some of the situations I found bloody hilarious, and some just plain odd and creepy, mainly the sex scenes

Hence this gif, my mantra while reading this book was a combination of full on belly laughs and WHAT THE F*CKS

Finally: 3 Stars for entertainment and 1 star for an incorrectly executed plot.

absolutely random gif, but whatever!

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