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Friday, February 14, 2014

Broken Pieces

**4.8 Broken Yet Whole Stars**

Continuing on after this point, will result in major SPOILERS...

PART ONE: Josiah and Mateo.
There was something so fucking innocent
about him. And Mateo wanted that.
Wanted to protect it.

Broken Pieces begins with Josiah, a sixteen year old orphan, living in a foster home. His quiet, vulnerable and keeps to himself...never getting close to anyone. Until he meets Mateo, who also joins the same foster family. Mateo is the opposite of Josiah. His strong, dangerous and the son of a gang leader. Yet the two draw closer together as time goes by.
Because even though Mateo was hard...
there was something beautiful about him, too.

Mateo can't help but want to protect the fragile and innocent Josiah. He berates himself for this weakness...a weakness his father tried to beat out of him. A father and 'family' that still expected him back home...where he's to take his rightful spot in the Los Demonios gang.
Breathe. Walk away. Don't come back.
It's what I should do.

But Mateo can't walk away...can't walk away from Josiah, and the faith he holds for Mateo. He can't stop himself from drawing closer to Josiah, protecting his precious...and giving him his heart.
"Takin' care of you is all I have.
The only thing I have."

But sometimes the sweetest love...the most beautiful beginnings, are easily shattered. Everything you dream of, torn away from you...and with no hope of recovering from the loss.
All he wanted to do was love Josiah,
to be with him and protect him.
Was that too much to fucking ask?

A difficult, emotional and heart wrenching beginning...with a lifetime of hardships still to come...
"Te amo, mi precioso... It means what you
are to me.

PART TWO: Josiah and Tristan
"I'm sorry I can't give you the
things you deserve."
The loneliness. Worry. Fear. Regret.
Love. Mateo.
It has been, five and a half years after Mateo sent Josiah away...and the pain of his loss is still fresh in Josiah's heart. He still holds hope that Mateo will come back to him. Holds hope that the love they shared, was real...the dreams they discussed was both their dreams and not Josiah's alone.

Following a dream and hoping for his loved one, Josiah visits all the locations he discussed with Mateo...thinking to make himself easily found by Mateo. But instead he finds a stranger watching him feed the birds by the Warf. A man that, for the first time since Teo...holds his interest. But Josiah doesn't know how to move on from Mateo.
I've never been with anyone but him.
I don't want to be with anyone other than him.
He doesn't want me.
He sent me away...
Taking a chance, Josiah approaches the stranger...Tristan, and they form a slow growing friendship.

Tristan has lead his life alone and closed off from other. Coming from a dark and difficult childhood, Tristan doesn't trust so easily and keeps people at a distance. But as time passes and Tristan and Josiah open up more, a connection and a need for each other builds between the two.
"I wanted you. Want you...
I never thought I would care about someone
but you gave me that too.

But will they both be complete together? With Tristan always holding himself back, never giving up his control. And Josiah loving him, but also keeping a part of his heart for Mateo.
"If I could completely give myself to anyone,
it would be you.
If I deserved anyone to take care of me,
I would want it to be you."
"I don't want to push you, Tristan.
I know there are reasons you still can't share."

PART THREE: Josiah, Mateo and Tristan
Can three broken pieces make a whole?

Mateo has returned, after nine long and hard years, with the intentions of finally saying goodbye and leaving Josiah to his new life with Tristan. But one look, one touch and Mateo can't bare to stay away from him.
Fought to be nearer to Josiah.
To feel him, touch him, after a fucking

But Josiah is hurt and won't forgive so easily. His pain is too deep, still fresh in his mind to be forgotten. He fights the pull he still feels towards Mateo, and stay loyal to Tristan.
"You don't get to do this...
You don't get to touch me and tell me
you miss me. You left, Teo."

To move forward, with the past behind them, Tristan pushes Josiah to seek closure from Mateo. As painful as this is for each of them, Tristan understands the love still present between Teo and Jay.
Nine years apart, and the connection
was still between them,
visible even to Tristan's eyes.
Confusion and indecision begins to form in Josiah. How can he love two men so much and not be able to choose between them? How can he love two broken souls so deeply? And fear losing one or hurting the other?

Waiting on Josiah and missing him, Mateo and Tristan visit the Warf in their need to be closer to their Jay. Their visits become regular and a connection begins to form. Tristan has always felt Mateo was apart of his and Josiah's its not long before he wants Mateo apart of them . And an attraction is formed.
"Don't we all deserve some kind of happiness?
What if we can find it together?"

Deeper feelings begin to grow...and three broken pieces begin to mend themselves, and finally become whole. A love shared, but only complete with all three hearts together.
He was the glue that made all
their broken pieces fit to make them whole.

I cried, smiled and frowned all throughout this book! Its simply...captivating. It's amazing and well written and will keep you intrigued and have your heart racing all the way. Mates this book will blow you away. Its dark, heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time... So give these three broken, yet unique men a try xx
"Mi pieza perdida."
"Mi preciosos.

Or is it?

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