Raw by Belle Aurora

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

4 Consuming Stars!!!

Raw and gritty, and dirty as hell.

Before I carry on let me get this off my chest.

Raw is not a dark read, it's exactly what the author says:
***Author Note: This is not a love story. This is a story of love gone wrong.***

Okay, I'm done!

What a riveting and entertaining story! I really enjoyed this reading Raw, Twitch and Lexi were hilarious and infuriating at times, but I had to know their story and where it would go!

She's a social worker who has a soft spot for kids who've been forced onto the streets because of life at home. This makes sense since her childhood was almost exactly the same. He's a successful "businessman". While out one day she's attacked and Twitch comes to her rescue, this is the beginning of a compelling relationship, Twitch is intense and broody both in public and in the bedroom, he's all alpha male.

He's also a crazy, hot, domineering, panty-melting, ovary-busting asshole; and I really liked him!

Lexi is sweet, quirky and can be a dork at times, she's the ying to he's yang.

Once he allowed her to see him, she really didn't have a chance. She was literally putty in his hands, and any inconsistencies with his story were over looked. She was mesmerised.

I laughed, I got angry, I wanted to slap some sense into them and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This book is engaging, it had a touch of humour that I found refreshing (this is huge, because I don't like humour)I enjoyed the writing immensely and will definitely be reading more of this author's work.

P.S. I hope there's a book 2 (because that's the more I want to read)

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