Breathe by Kristen Ashley

Saturday, January 11, 2014
Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) 


Kristen Ashley has done it again. Each time I've finished one of her books, I think I've found my new favorite and that the rest of them won't be able to live up to the ones I've read already; and (almost) each time I'm proven wrong. Breathe was different from most of her other books in the sense that the heroine was much different from most other KA heroines, and that's exactly why I loved this book so much. Other than that, the story consisted of the typical KA elements to make it a memorable read: hot alpha male with a kind heart, action, suspense, a bit of heartbreak and a suggary sweet happy ending.

Faye Goodknight is such a refreshing heroine. She's shy, introvert, kindhearted and a little nerdy (okay, maybe more than a little). She's the town's quiet, pretty librarian. She loves to read, listen to music and watch her favorite shows on TV. Ever since she first laid eyes on Chace Keaton when she was sixteen years old, she's been in love with him. But, with her being the shy person she is, she's never worked up the courage to approaching him. So, when he finally notices her and strikes up a conversation, it seems as if her "holding out for a hero" has finally paid off.

Chace Keaton has had a rough couple of years. In order to keep his father's secrets safe from his mother, he had to sacrifice a lot in his life. He had to become a dirty cop and was forced to marry Misty, a woman he despises. Now, he's finally freed from his loveless marriage, but he's still determined to find out who killed his wife. At the same time, his father and his associates still pester him about turning back to becoming a dirty cop. So, with a lot of darkness in his past and current life, the presence of the town's sweet librarian (who he's had his eyes on for a long time) feels like a breath of fresh air; and he's determined to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life.

"You in my life, me livin' in hell, feels like I've been touched by an angel."

Their romance is slowbuilding, sweet and heartwarming. Chace is a genuinely "good man", who still possesses the right amount of KA alpha male hotness. At first he's kind of a jerk to Faye, but that's only because of his past and because of the fact that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Still, he proved his true kindness by taking care of Malachi and by doing anything in his power to make Faye breathe easily and make her happy.

Kristen Ashley's books have become my "go to"-comfort books. So far, I've never been disappointed with any of the one's I've read and although each series has it's perks, I think the Colorado Mountain series is one of my favorites. After the amazing previous books of the series, Sweet Dreams and Lady Luck, I wasn't sure Breathe would be able to live up to this two, and even though I still loved those slightly more, safe to say Breathe was a worthy follow-up!

"I'll take you thinking I'm your angel, but you need to know you're my hero."

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