Second Chances by T.A. Webb review and interview

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Second Chances (Second Chances #1)


An amazing book!!!


WOW.This book just rocked my World!!!!From the first page my heart was gripped,twisted,torn and then it was caressed and filled with joy.
Words just cannot convey enough of how beautiful this book really is!!!
Loved the writing and the love scenes were so intence!!!


Mark is trying to recover from the separation of Brian when his mother dies and leaves a huge empty hole in his soul.


I was kinda connected with Mark because he seemed to be such a reliable and gentle guy,trying to protect everyone while doing the best he could. TThinking about how he forgave Brian for cheating and gave him a second chance!!!Becuase thinking about your lover slept with someone else and overcome this is even more painful...

Brian had never forgiven himself for straying and spent his love and life with and for Mark.But life always takes some strange turns...One door closes and another opens...Mark finds one of the young boys he deals with at his job, Robbie, is homeless and now at the shelter for boys.His mom left him when he was twelve, and Robbie had to live on the streets using drugs and selling his body.He and Mark forge a friendship of love and respect.What should be a happy time.But soon another unexpected loss has Mark reeling..


What can I say about Antonio????Sorry Rosa I know he is your man but I like him a lot too!!! :D


This guy blew my mind away!!!I loved him even more than Mark.Antonio was something else and totally my kink with his tats and muscles.Yummy :D. hat I would have given to have a massage from him!!!
I loved how he was so open with his feelings.If he needed to work out what was going on in his head he went right on and acted on it.I could totally get how Mark and Antonio were with each other and how their relationship built.I loved how they were there for each other through the deaths, money troubles and taking care of Antonio’s son,Jason.


Tom has told a story about friendship,lovers, family and heart.Mark Jennings is a good man, kind, responsible, a loving son and brother.I
highly recommended to everyone!!!



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1) What inspired you to write SECOND CHANCES?
Two things actually. I was reviewing (my blog, A Bear on Books, which isn’t getting much attention these days), and got to be friends with some of the authors I wrote reviews on. Two of them, Amy Lane and Mary Calmes, kept telling me I should write more than reviews. I started, one chapter at a time, and they would read it and tell me what was good or needed to be changed, and then I would write the next one. (Mary would threaten to beat me if I didn’t hurry, lol.)

The other thing was, I had this story in the back of my head since my mom died in 2000. When I was in high school, I wanted to write and was going to major in English in college. I decided I didn’t want to teach (at the time, that’s all I thought I could do with an English degree), and when I took an Accounting class, I loved numbers and went that route. Long story short, once I picked up the pen, so to say, I didn’t want to put it back down. And the story kept screaming to be written.

2) Which is your favorite of the books you have written and why?
That’s hard. Everything I write has a special place, even the fluff. But I would have to say…Let’s Hear it for the Boy. It’s a really personal story for me. I lived through the early years of AIDS as a young man, and hated how unfair it was that just as I came out, this horrible disease started. Selfish, huh? Then the men I knew, the friends I had, the boys I grew up with started getting sick and dying.
The main characters are based on my best friend and I, plus friends I made along the way. I still miss him, and them. And when I finished the story, I was so amazed people liked it. And then it sold.
hrough the hurt.
I know people say it all the time, but I didn’t think it would sell one copy. Then to see the response, how many people cried and had a brother, or a friend, or a partner that died…it makes me smile

3) What genre of books do you like to read?
God, I read almost anything. But I am a fantasy/sci fi whore. Give me an Angel Martinez book and I am in heaven. Or a Guy Gavriel Kay, or Stephen Donaldson. When you can add M/M to it, it’s great, but I cut my teeth on sci fi, so it’s my first true love. I can’t write it worth crap, but I love to read it.
4) Did you always want to be a writer?
I started out wanting to write, yes. Then real life intervened for thirty years before I found my way back to it. In high school, I loved writing and was editor of the school paper and did some things for the literary magazine. When I hit college, I ended up in Finance and Accounting, and loved it. I always have read, and the little part of me that thought I could write went to sleep for a while, but it never went away. When I found my first M/M book and started reading again, then reviewing, I re-discovered it again. And I love it. When it stops being fun, though, I’ll find something else to do!
5) Can you tell us about your current projects? And if you want tell us about your new book.
I’m working on a few things. The sequel to Second Chances, Thursday’s Child. The second book in the Broken Road Café series. The final book in the 2013 series for Pulp Friction. A new series, called The Matchmaker. And a 1940’s book called The Summer of Tommy and Buzz.
My current book? The Broken Road Café. It’s about Dan O’Leary, a lawyer who’s worked hard to be the best and brightest, and to have everything. And he does, at age thirty-five. But he has this feeling it isn’t enough, isn’t what he really wants. One awful day, he discovers he’s right, and it all crashed down on him.

What he finds is he really wants to go back to his roots and open a restaurant. He moves to north Georgia and meets the chief of police and bumps heads (and more) with him. The past has a way of biting you in the butt, though, and it threatens Dan and his new friends.

Thank you so much Tom xx
 I can't wait for your new book :)) 

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