Making faces by Amy Harmon review

Friday, November 15, 2013


"God has given you one face and you make yourself another"

This story is beautiful in so many ways.It's a story about true friendship,loss and love..This book made me feel so much on every word.Each words are so deep and meaningful !

Making Faces is the story of Fern, Bailey and Ambrose.
This story is told in pieces from past to present.It flashes back on memories of the kids when they're young and moves forward into their future...
Fern and Bailey are cousins and they have  the most beautiful relationship!
Bailey is confined to a wheel chair and Fern is his companion.They adore each other and they take care each other.Bailey is such a loveable character!He is a hero!I admire his courage and  his strength!

Fern is the unnoticed girl  who is  in love with the town hero, Ambrose Young..

.During their senior year of high school,she finally gets her chance to get closer to him..but things didn't end very well...However she never stops  thinking of him..Especially when  Ambrose and his four best friends decide to join military.

Something terrible happens and when Ambrose is back...he isn't the same person..
He is injured  physically and mentally and he feels guilty..Ambrose shuts out the world and hides himself away...
 When he decides to return to work in his father's bakery, he didn't know that he will be  in the same place with Fern's work.

Fern and Bailey will try to bring him back in life...

Ambrose and Fern spent a lot of hours together and now he can see what kind of girl she is..he is starting fall in love with her...and Fern is still in love with him...

"Ambrose Young! I have waited my whole life for you to want me.If you don't hold me tight I won't believe you mean it and that's worse than never being held at all.You'd better make me believe you mean it,Ambrose or you will most definetely break me."  

"I want your body.I want your mouth.I want your red hair in my hands.I want your laugh and your funny faces.I want your friendship and your inspirational thoughts."

Fern is a cute, funny akward girl   who never view herself as pretty ... Her heart is so pure!I like her!She is so real!!I could connect with her!!
Omg Ambrose...My heart aches for Ambrose! His journey is devastating. But he manage with Ferns and Bailey's help to be his self again! 

Making Faces is an unforgettable story.It's really  a must read!

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