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Monday, October 14, 2013

Laura has just signed up for a term at the exclusive school for submissives. But all is not as it seems. The sexy blonde is hiding the real reason she's there. As the classes progress, Laura is forced to face some truths about her problems with sex along with her growing attraction to her mentor, the dark and distracting Mr Hunter.

Mr Hunter promises to whip her into shape as a sub but before long he is uncovering many of her deepest secrets and desires. But will he discover her biggest secret? And can Mr Hunter really help Laura overcome her issues with his rough methods?

Niall Hunter, a teacher at the exclusive Hollybourne School, knows there's something unusual about his submissive student, Laura. And it’s not just her issues with sex...
While his desire for her wars with his duty, Hunter is determined to help her conquer her problems and find out every secret inside that head of hers. Will he be able to fix what is broken?

As their relationship heats up, Hunter realises he wants more than just a teacher/pupil relationship, but after being hurt in the past, can he trust the secretive woman? And does she feel more than just gratitude for him?

Content warning: Contains adult scenes.

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Wrapping her arms over the top of his, she leaned back and released a satisfied sigh. Niall inhaled the fragrance of her shampoo and released his own sigh. Yep, he was well and truly lost to this women. A love-sick fool. And he couldn’t give a shit.
“Hard to believe you own that place.”
Niall gave a wry chuckle. “I guess I forget what it looks like to other people. I’m so used to it, I forget it’s kind of unusual to own a house like that.”
“Unusual? I don’t know anyone that owns a mansion! Is it your family’s?”
“Yeah, I inherited it after my father died when I was twenty. Pretty big responsibility for a twenty-year-old but I managed.”
“Guess that explains your domineering tendencies…”
“Or maybe it was my domineering tendencies that allowed me to deal with it.” He gave her waist a playful squeeze. “Don’t start trying to psycho-analyse me, Laura. I’ve got a few years’ experience on you and I came to terms with my dominant side a long time ago.”
“Yes, Sir,” she muttered but Niall heard the grin in her voice.
“Kiss me,” he ordered suddenly, the need to taste her forcing the words from his mouth.
Twisting in his hold, she draped her hands around his neck and gazed up at him. “Yes, Sir.” 
Her impish smile made his stomach flip. “My name is Niall.”  Damn, had he really fallen for a woman that didn’t even know his first name?
“Niall,” she murmured experimentally. “Think I prefer Hunter.”
“Yeah,” Niall said with a shrug and a chuckle, “me too.”
And like the hunter that he was, he swooped down for a kiss, invading her mouth forcefully with his tongue. She moaned against his lips and accepted him eagerly, pulling herself flush against him. Her breasts crushed against his chest and he swore he felt the hard peaks of her nipples prodding him through their t-shirts.
Cupping her arse, Niall rocked her against his erection in an attempt to bring some kind of relief. He didn’t know how she did it. Somehow Laura made him feel like a horny teenager again. One hand underneath her top, he tugged on her nipples though her thin silky bra before pulling aside the fabric and moulding his hand against one soft breast.
Laura arched into him as her nails dug into his neck. She trailed a kiss from the corner of his lips, down his neck before returning the favour, sneaking one hand over his stomach to grasp at the hair on his chest.
“Christ,” he groaned as her other hand snapped open his jeans and cool fingertips groped at his cock before sliding underneath and cradling his balls. He bucked into her hand, hissing as she began to masturbate him.
Aware his control was close to snapping, Niall wrenched her hand from his jeans and spun her around. Forcefully gripping her to him, he yanked up her t-shirt and pulled down the cups of her bra, exposing her breasts to the cool evening air. Laura gasped as he nibbled at her neck and massaged roughly at her distended nipples.
One hand still clamped over her breasts, Niall used the other to delve underneath her silky underwear, his fingertips greeted by her hot arousal. Her clit was swollen and ready for him as he parted her lips and slipped a digit over her nub. Rocking into his hand, Laura clutched at his arms, making little keening noises that sent a fresh flood of desire straight to his prick.


  1. What inspired you to write Hunting Laura?

I wanted to write a heroine with some real issues. Laura has had a difficult life and I liked the idea of her getting some kind of therapy but in a completely different way. The gruff Hunter seemed the perfect guy to help her come to terms with her past and accept herself.

  1. Did you always see yourself as a writer?
No, not at all. I only started writing last year for a bit of fun but a friend encouraged me to try and get published. I sent a short story into Secret Cravings Publishing and was amazed when they said they wanted it. After that, I was hooked.

  1. Can you tell us about your current projects.?
I’m taking a break at the moment. I just finished a new story in my SinSity series and I’ll be writing another one shortly but I work full time and it can be tricky balancing it all, so I like to take a break between books and concentrate on my family and friends.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Laura is an independent and strong woman, so it's a shock even to herself when she starts attending Hollybourne School for Slaves. She's sure nothing at the school can scare her until she meets her mentor or master, Hunter. The name suits the man because, whenever she si around him she feel like prey.

While at Hollybourne she struggles to give in to her cravings and the seductive quality of Hunters dominance.

Hunter, a brooding and intense man. Being a Dom is who he is, he thrives on control and dominance. When he sees Laura, all he want to do is possess her and have her thrown out of the school.

Their relationship is a tug of war, both fighting to stay on top. One of them gives in, the other stays in control.

My Thoughts

This short novella was bloody hot!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hunter is my type of brooding alpha male, and Laura was sassy but not so much that I got annoyed.


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful post and awesome review!!
    <3 C.C.
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  2. Thank you so much and OMG love that teaser! I really appreciate the time you took to review.


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