Cloak and Dagger by Nenia Campbell review

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

4,5 STARS!!!

Christina's father is a hacker and he breaks into IMA's computer mainframe, IMA send Michael an assassin to kidnapped her!He kept her alive only in exchange of information about the virus her father has created to infect the IMA’s computers..but things don't go as planned and slowly Michael starts feeling more for her...

I like Christina so much!!She is so real!In most books with kidnapping stories, women want to have sex with their captor but in this book Christina is so different!The only thing she wants is to get out...and she hates with a passion Michael even when he is the one who tell her about his feeling...

She is smart, strong and she doesn’t care that Michael is so hot!!
This is what I love most in her!!

Mmmm What can I say about the hot assasin???
I really like him from the begining!Sometimes he was an asshole!He is not your typical knight with the white horse!He is cold and ruthless . He does what he is trained for,follows orders and gives his loyalty...

The sexual tension was slowly building up!And I think Christina loves him but she doesn't want to admit it and to believe that deep down he is a good guy.

Wow what a ride!!!It's my first book from Nenia and I really love it!!This is fast paced,full of action!Once you start it you won't be able to put it down!!If you like action and real characters this is what you need!!!

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