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Friday, October 04, 2013

Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, #6)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I tried not to spoil this book for anyone, but sorry if I did. My review consist of my opinion and feelings on this book. NOT the story line...that's what the book is for and also most of the awesome reviews featured on GR :D


Where do I begin with my feeling and thoughts on this book. . .this story that pushed me out of a safe place. Protecting myself from words written in books that can tear my heart, instill feelings within me for characters that may seem fiction to others, but oh so real to me. A book that can force tears . . . tears from eyes unwilling to shed.


A story that showed me love that strips you down till you’re vulnerable, love that holds the power to expose you to unbearable pain. A love you’re willing to beg for, even when it hurts. This is Marcus and Thomas' love.

"That's when I decided not to be afraid of anything. Then you came and I remembered true fear is knowing you have something you can't bear losing."

I don’t think, even with my feeble attempts, that I could express the depth and beauty of Marcus and Thomas’ story. Their beautiful story that’s so dark, but yet filled with light.


Together these two beautiful men were beyond intense, overwhelming in their passion and complete in their need for each other. It was amazing when they were together. And heartbreaking when I felt their pain and suffering, when torn apart.

I don't understand what it's like to lose someone when I'm not expecting it. Have my heart torn from me and be told it's something I just have to accept it."


At times I didn't think I could handle the intensity of Marcus and Thomas’ intimacy, or the depths they took it too, if I wasn't so prepared and eased in to it by the author’s talented words. Every word, every harsh scene added in was a necessity that built this story.


Even when I’m against having such a strong dominant and a submissive in stories (personal choice), I felt the importance of it being featured here between Marcus and Thomas. The role they played is a major one in helping them cope and survive the life their given and the past they've endured. But at the same time I didn't feel these roles were over used or forced on us readers.


There was still a lightness to their relationship when it was just Marcus and Thomas. Then when it changed to Master and slave I understand the need for it, Thomas’ need to submit to Marcus as part of his nature, the person he truly is, even when he himself held back.

Ssshh...See yourself the way I see you. Feel the way my hands touch you, think about the way I look at you. I see all of you, Thomas. You think I don't, but I do..." 
"You're mine. Just let go and see it."

For Marcus’ the importance of being the Master was built from past experiences that pushed him to stay in control, when this was previously not an option when fighting for his survival. But even with this need, Marcus had to submit to Thomas, give his all, expose his darkest secrets, to truly commit to their relationship.

Marcus needed it, needed it like air, needed some outlet for the emotion that clogged in his throat and made his heart want to explode every time he touched Thomas.


Parabelle~ Hold On For Me

If you just stop to wind me up 
I'll race on my way

And I will run as fast as I can 
Just to see you safe
Just to see you open your eyes 
And see how far you could go
If you just hold on for me

Time will overcome it always does but now 
Am I the only one who sees the sad die young

And I will run as fast as I can 
Just to see you safe
Just to see you open your eyes 
And see how far you could go
If you just hold on for me.

From Thomas to Marcus when he needed him.

Marcus and Thomas' story will stay with me for years to come. Its perfect, amazing and beyond any ordinary love story.

A special thanks to Baba, for your support while reading this awesome book xx

"You're mine, pet. Mine to protect and love."

"Same goes. I'm yours, Master


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