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Saturday, October 05, 2013


Amazing book!!

This is February's and Alex's story..

 Colt and February were the couple that everyone thought would get married and be together forever. From teens to young adults their relationship was solid, until Feb decided to end things with Colt and move away for fifteen years.

She married a man that abused her and after leaving him she decided to leave her friends and family and wonder from state to state.

"And I needed someone.Someone to fill the ole Alec left.No, it wasn't a hole.It was a wound.I couldn't close the wound so I needed someone to numb the pain."

  Now she’s back and not only does she have to deal with her lingering feelings for Colt, but she also has to deal with a deranged serial killer, who has  as  target Feb's friends or people who knew her... 

  From the opening murder to the final confrontation with the killer, Alex and Feb working through their issues 

 Throughout the book we learned so many things and everything was coming into place...The bad guy  was a psycho. Everything bad that happened in Feb and Colt's life was because of him. During 22 years he ruined their life without them knowing it.... 

 Feb and Colts relationship was so sweet. They were meant to be together, they were betrayed and for more than 20 years they have been apart. When they finally get back together and learn what really happened all those years ago... 
They became stronger than ever...They had such a powerful relation, they never stopped loving each other. ...

"..You give yourself to me, he can't have it."
"Like it right now or not, Feb, coupla days ago, you gave yourself back to me.You think I'm lettin' that go, think again because,baby, you're fucking wrong."

"I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you.Never could forget even when I tried."
Omg!! I'm in love with Colt!!! I loved him!! He was so protective over Feb and it was so sexy!!!I loved being in his head. It helped explain his actions.!!

And Feb is one of my favorite heroines!!!She was tough, she lived through some bad  situations but when it came to Colt or her family she was loving and fierce!!

"You got in Colt"
"Few days ago you got in.I didn't let you in, you just got in."

This couple needed their happy ending more than any couples I ever read...
It's kind of sad they lost so many years of their lifes.. but finally they  can live their life together  in their 40s...

I'm so excited to read the rest of the series!!! :))))

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