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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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How does a tomboy raised in a house full of men find the sensual woman inside of her? Growing up with a widowed, retired Marine as a father and two older brothers taught Asia to be tough.
 But how does she stop being one of the guys and learn to find the right one? Finding herself won't be easy, finding love will be even harder. 
 Meeting Jay opens Asia's eyes to the possibility of love and unbelievable sex but can his country club world accept the woman more comfortable in torn jeans and flip flops? Or will she find the love she yearns for in the tattooed arms of her first love, a pro skater who has come back into her life? 
 With the possibility of new love or closure from a painful first love, finding her path is riddled with uncertainty and discoveries but before she can follow her heart she must first set it free.

 **Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content, recreational use of marijuana and language.** 

Freeing Asia Teaser

 Meet Asia Fuller…
 As I started to walk away I felt a big hand grab my ass and squeeze when I heard the same voice. “Mmm. Damn baby, don’t play hard to get.” I sucked in a breath as I felt my temper rise. Are you fucking kidding me!? 
Without thinking twice I swung around and punched him as hard as I could on the side of his mouth. The moment my hand met his face I felt a shooting pain starting at my middle knuckle and radiating all the way down to my elbow. “Fuck!” I yelled. Damn it! I got some of his teeth! I shook my hand out clenching my jaw as I looked down and saw my knuckle instantly start to swell. I quickly glanced up to see what would happen next.
 I could feel the people around us staring and some men behind the muscle head were chuckling. Once he realized what just happened he touched his lip to feel the blood coming down the corner of his mouth. Instead of the usual angry reaction, he slowly smiled at me although I could see in his eyes that he was pissed. 
This wasn’t the first time I punched someone and it wasn’t even the first time I punched a guy but it was definitely the first time my victim smiled after the blow. Oh shit. Here we go. 
 I stood as straight as I could looking the guy dead in the eyes to show him I wasn’t scared although inside I had no idea what was going to happen next. Surely he wouldn’t hit me here in the middle of this big crowd. Would he? Just as I started to take a step backward I felt someone warm standing behind me with their breath at my neck

 Meet Jason “Jay” Clarke… 

 “What?” He asked looking amused. “I just love how attentive you are. A true gentleman. I’ve never been treated like a lady before.” “Really?” “I usually like the bad boys.”
 I admitted smiling up at him before I took a bite of my pizza. “But I guess since you aren’t a bad boy anymore I should try to behave myself.” After swallowing I put my pizza down on my plate and Jay grabbed my hand bringing it to his mouth. 
His eyes locked on mine as he took my index finger and slowly licked the sauce off of it. Hoooly shit. “Oh I can be bad, baby.” I could feel my entire body tingle with that single touch. I imagined other places I wanted that tongue to be and could feel myself tighten between my thighs. When he was done I brought my finger to my mouth sucking on it as I held his gaze. 
His eyes moved down to my mouth and his lips slowly lifted into a devilish grin. I pulled my finger out. “Good.” I murmured before smiling back.

About E.M Abel 

 My husband is awesome and also a Chief in the US Navy. This means crazy schedules, uncertainty and lots of nights spent alone writing on my computer. I have two amazing kids who always know how to make me laugh. I've been passionate about writing ever since I wrote my first poem in the 3rd grade and I've been using it as a means to express myself ever since. 
 I think because I hold my emotions so close and fear being vulnerable I use different forms of self expression- writing, drawing, painting, photography, tattoos- to show the world who I am. The one rule I use everyday is the Golden Rule--"
Treat others the way you'd like to be treated." I believe karma is very real and sometimes she can be a bitch if you make her that way. I love acting crazy, I love to laugh, I love making people laugh, I love the ocean, I love dancing like no one is watching, I love good music, I love good books... oh man I should probably stop there. I love a lot of stuff. Please feel free to write me or send a friend request!


1 What is the best thing about being an author?

 To me, the best thing about being an author is the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment you get when someone is touched by what you write. And when they get the message you were trying to portray. 
2What inspired you to write freeing Asia?
I wanted to write a story and characters that felt real and a heroine who was more like me and my friends. I realized there weren't many books out there with Asian-American characters or heroines who were tomboys and I felt that there needed to be. Tomboys need their HEAs too!   

3Can you tell us about your current projects?

Well I'm currently working on a bonus chapter for Freeing Asia. I've had a lot of readers tell me they were curious about Marcus's or Jay's POV during certain parts of the story so I decided to give it a try. BUT I'm not revealing who's POV it'll be until I release it. :) 
  I'm also working on Breaking Shaun, which is Shaun (Asia's brother)'s story. I'm really excited about it and hope to publish in March of 2014. 

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