Tuesday, August 20, 2013


“My name is Grey Amundsen. But Grey, she doesn’t exist in here, in this slimy, smoky, sex-hazed hole. In here, I’m Gracie.”

This a story about a girl Grey who is the pastor's daughter and she was raised in a very different life...and never did what she really want..until something happened..and she decides to follow her dream..

which is dance..
She packed her bags and heads to California to college, to follow her passion..
She's determined to prove to herself that she can follow her dreams.But after while, she is realizing that she must either pay for her school or either go back and leave her dreams..


She tries to find a job...but the only job with good money is to work as a stripper..


And then she meets Dawson Kellar...the playboy Hollywood star..
The chemistry between them is intense from the beginning...and neither can explain...As they end up, they are spending more time together and go deeper...

Dawson is so adorable!!He could have anyone but he sets his eye on Grey and he doesn’t give up!!Not expecting anything in return from her, he wants to make sure she is safe and happy!!And this is why i love him!!!!
The things he does for her....mmmmm OMG!!So hot!!!


My Grey and Dawson

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